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Most Common Natural Human Instincts

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 11:15 am


The green-eyed monster hits everyone at one time or another. It is not known why, but is suspected as a way to help us to try harder. It is when it becomes an obsession that it becomes a problem. Seeing someone do well, should inspire you to do well, not wish to be them.


Goosebumps can happen for a variety of reasons, such as temperature, emotions, surprise and sickness. These little bumps occur when very tiny muscles, at each hair shaft's base, contract and make the hair stand straight up. The instinct of goosebumps comes from when we had hair all over our bodies and the puffed up hair made us appear larger and more menacing.


Yawning has been said to be an instinct to create an abundance of oxygen in the body, when cabon dioxide increases in the blood. This can happen when you are stressed, or tired. Yawning also stretches the tongue and throat, which are two of the most overworked muscles in the body.


Guilt is a natural instinct that occurs when someone feels they played a part in the harm of others. It may not always be physical harm, but can include emotional harm. This instinct is there to help us to stay on track, and to have a conscious, otherwise life could be complete chaos.


Boredom is an instinct that prevents us from secluding ourselves, and from becoming lonley. Boredom also pushes us to explore and learn. If boredom didn't exist, we might become passive and society as a whole would never progress. Boredom gets you up off your butt and moving foward in life.


By nature, human being are social creatures. While everyone values their alone time, no one enjoys complete isolaton. Our natural instinct is to live in packs for safety reasons. However, some alone time is actually good for us. It allows us to explore our creativity and learn who we truly are.


Depression arises out of anger and frustration. The longer a period of time that a person stays in this place, the more depressed they become. We are not talking about clinical depression, but rather depression that arises when one's efforts are thwarted time and time again. It is an instinct because it propels us to try harder.


8.Compete to Win

The instinct to win is the primal instinct of surivival of the fittest. Within each of us is the primal urge to win, to succeed, to stay alive. It is this drive, this instinct, that pushes us and drives us to work harder. The world would be at a stand still without this instinct.


Everyone feels anger at one time or another. It is par tof our natural human instinct. Anger is usually brought about by fear and triggered by frustration. Anger arises as an affort to help you stay alive, but since the dangers of the past no longer exist, some people use anger in destructive ways.


10.Flight of Flight

The fight or flight instinct occurs in respnonse to a real or perceived threat. Adrenaline pumps through the body, preparing it to either fight or flee the scene, all in an effort to protect itself and survive. Survival is the reason for all of our instincts. Panic attacks are said to come from this instinct, but goes into overdrive when there is no real threat.


Fear is a human instinct that actually helps us to avoid death. Fear triggers us to avoid danger and things that can cause us physical harm. In an effort to survive, humans are well served by fear, but sometimes it can overtake our lives and become a ph0bia, which can be destructive to our lives.



One of most primal natural instincts is to breed. Just like animals, our nature is to reproduce ourselves over and over again through mating. While some people choose not to have chidren, making a logical decision to forgo reproduction, there is an underlying urge and instinct in all of us to breed.


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