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Most Famous Spies

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 6:43 pm

1.Mata Hari

Mata Hari was named Margaretha Geetruida Zelle McLeod, and became a legend as a spy. The femme fatale was executed as agent H-21 for the Germans. Greta Garbo played her in 1931, in the film Casino Royale, further deepening her legendary status. Accused of causing 50,000 deaths of French soldiers, Mata maintained her innocence until the truth was revealed in the 1970's.

2.Giacomo Casanova

Casanova, you know the name speaks for itself. But who would guess he was not just a Ladies man but a radical spy. He had a well to do upbringing which led him to also become a lawyer. He knew to always seek out the Ladies with power. He lost big money as quick as it came.

3.Frederick Duquesne

Big, bad Freddy Duquesne ran the largest espionage ring in United States history. He ran a network of 33 members of German spies. The FBI eventually tracked him down and after a lengthy investigation he was convicted along with the rest of the poor gang. Here's to 300 years in prison!

4.Klaus Fuchs

Being one of left wing sympathies, Klaus Fuchs was not about to mess around with the nazisHe took off to Britain to engulf himself in his studies of being a physicist. By the time the atom bomb came around, he was going back to the soviets with key information. He enjoyed top level security clearance on the manhattan project.

5.Aldrich Ames

Ames is former CIA and got in big trouble for spying for the Russians. Big no no. He was convicted in 1994. His main job for a while was doing soviet recruitment. He was also a big spender, who really like to party. Those spies really know how to live on the edge!

6.Major John Andre

British officer, Jonh Andre enjoyed a healthy career as a spy. He was quite the favorite in occupying forces of North America. Philadelphia and New York were his main stomping grounds of espionage. He even got close enough to Ben Franklin to steal some of his personal possessions. Some house quest!

7.Sir Francis Walsingham

Sir Francis Walsingham was one of the most feared men in England. With a network of agents throughout Europe, he created the foundation of our modern intelligence services. A founder of espionage, he was a Protestant extremist, who used torture on his enemies. He lived to a ripe old age, dying in his own home, peacefully.


8.Nathan Hale

Spy for the Continental Army, Nathan Hale was a captain during the American Revolutionary War. Considered to be America's first spy, he was caught by the British. Hung to his death, Hale was found with physical evidence and found guilty of being an illegal combatant, subjecting him to the death penalty.

9.Oleg Penkovsky

The United States thanks Oleg Penkovsky for detecting the missle launch sites in Cuba during the Cuban Missle Crisis in 1961. Without him, we may have been wiped out and the Last World War may have been ignited. It is said that he was a defector and ws burned alive in 1963, but no one knows for sure.


10.Belle Boyd

Belle Boyd took the cake for being cutest confederate spy. She ran her antics out of her fathers hotel in Front Royal, Virginia. Given her name, Cleopatra of the Secession, not only did she provide General Stonewall Jackson with vital information, but she probably had a little revolutionary fun while she was it.

11.Ray Mawby

Ray Mawby was a Czech agent, with the codename of Laval, in the early 1960's. Handing over plans to the Prime Minister's office, he took cash for asking question in the house. Sitting in the House of Commons, he collected a second salary, as well as alleged expenses. As a councillor, he became MP for Totnes and briefly served in Government until he landed his Devon seat in 1983.


12.Richard Sorge

World world two was a crazy time of double agents. Richard Sorge led the way being key soviet spy, as well as a German communist. His dirty deeds eventually pissed of the wrong people who could get at him just the right time. After being nicely imprisoned, he was gentlemanly hanged.


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