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Most Famous Transgenders

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022, 9:27 am

1.Christine Jorgensen

It all started with Christine Jorgensen. Born in 1926, she was the first person in the United States to gain recognition for having gender reassignment surgery in 1951. Beginning her life as George Jorgensen, Jr., she was drafted into the army during World War II, and after discharge she had the surgery done in Switzerland, the only country that had doctors who could perform this type of surgery at the time.

2.Kevin Balot

Recently crowned Miss International Queen 2012, Kevin Balot retains his male name, even though he has transitioned to a female. The transgender beauty pageant features competitors from around the world, and she beat out 20 other contestants to take home the crown. Even though he was born a male, he always identified as a female.

3.Mia Ryan

Mia Ryan was on the show Houston Beauty, broadcast on OWN. The twenty seven year old was born male named Ryan before transitioning to a female named Mia. She was thrown out of her house at the age of thirteen. Forced to become an escort to survive, and is trying to get her beauty license now.

4.Carmen Carrera

As a male born in 1985, Christopher Roman he identified as a woman. Appearing on RuPaul's Drag Race television show, she called herself a transgendered woman, looking as pretty and feminine as any natural woman out there. The New Jersey born transgender is now Carmen Carrera is an activist in the transgender community.

5.Candis Cayne

Candis Cayne became the first transgender actress to star in a prime time television show as a recurring transgender character. Playing Carmelita in 2007, in the tv show, Dirty sexy Money, Candis came a long way from playing the NYC night scene in the 90's. Born Brenden McDaniel, and a fraternal twin to a male, Dylan, Cayne began her transition process in 1996. Now living in Los Angeles, she was engaged at one time to Marco McDermott, and is now dating Alex Grimmer.


Lea T was born a male, named Leandro Cerezo, on April 19, 1981 and transitioned to a female, in March of 2012. She is an icon in the Transgender Advocacy and has been said to have been the muse for Givenchy, becoming the face of the brand in late 2010.

7.Alexis Arquette

Born Robert Arquette, the brother of the famous siblings Rosanna, Patricia and David Arquette, and another brother Richmond. He transitioned to female Alexis in 2006, documenting it in the film, Alex Arquette: She's My Brother. Choosing to b actress herself she went on to play a transvestite in Last Exit to Brooklyn and has continued acting to this day.


8.Isis King

Isis King is known as the first transgender model to appear on a reality show and particularly "America's Top Model." She has been in American Apparel ads as well. Originally from Maryland, she came out in high school as gay, but still felt something was not right, later realizing that she was born in the wrong body.

9.Bradley Manning

Bradley Manning came out as a female turned male this past August. The U.S. soldier. Born Chelsea Elizabeth Manning on December 17, 1987, he was convicted of espionage in July of 2013. He was sentenced to thirty five years in prison for leaking the largest number of classified documents to the public.


10.Thomas Beatie

Thomas Beatie was once Tracy LaGondino, born in 1974, she went on to become a he in 2003 and then became knowns as the first pregnant man. Using artificial insemination in 2007, he conceived because his wife was infertile. The first try ended up being an ectopic pregnancy with triplets, but he went on to safely deliver three more children and is now divorced.

11.Jenna Talackova

A Canadian model, Jenna Talacknova is a transgendered male who the legal right to be a contestant in Miss Universe Canada. She was originally disqualified for being transgendered. She began experiencing gender confusion at a very young age and began her transition at the age of fourteen. Born and raised in British Columbia, she is 25 years old.

12.Chaz Bono

Most people remember Chaz Bono as the cute little blond headed Chastity Bono, daughter of Cher and Sonny Bono, who appeared on the Sonny & Cher show. He began his transformation from female to male in a very public way, taking the world on his journey via a television show. Now he is a huge part of the transgender advocacy.


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