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Most Anticipated Games Of 2014

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 5:57 pm

1.Quantum Break

This game for the Xbox One is going to be very involved and you better be good at those controls as it is also fast paced and full of life. They have taken their time to produce this and it shows because the entire thing is so slick that you will absolutely love playing it.

2.Fable Legends

This game is going to allow five people to play at the one time, but there is a twist. Four can be the hero, but one person is the evil one and this is certainly different from what you would expect to happen with a game. The graphics are cool, the interaction is first class, but sadly it is only for the Xbox One.

3.Infamous: Second Son

This game looks cool. There are scant details about it at this moment in time, but the rumor is that the game play really is second to none. It is apparently slick, fast moving, and with a great storyline, so ultimately this should be an absolute joy for you to play.

4.Super Smash Bros

You know the strange thing is that Nintendo have not brought out a Super Smash Bros for several years, so it is obvious as to why there is a lot of hype about this game in 2014 and countless numbers of people being excited about playing it. The only problem is that it does have a lot to live up to, but we all love Mario, so that should be absolutely fine.

5.Halo 5

There are a few games where the anticipation can really be too much to deal with and Halo is one of those games. This fifth version is going to be amazing and it does look as if it will be capable of meeting the high standards that are expected of this particular franchise.

6.Final Fantasy XV

The Final Fantasy franchise has been around for some time and indeed 2014 sees the 15th installment of this game and it is probably the best one yet. It just seems bigger, better, more involved, and slicker to play than any of the previous ones, and they were pretty good, so in all honesty you should get quite excited about the prospect of playing this game.

7.Dragon Age: Inquisition

You have to admit that this game looks amazing just by the graphics alone. Expect this to be right up there as one of the best fantasy games of the entire year and if you love to hang around with monsters, then this could very well be the best game you will ever play.


8.Metal Gear Solid 5

This is a game that a lot of people just simply cannot wait for. The good news is that it is also going to be available on Xbox as well as the PS, so it does open it up to a whole host of new gamers who will be desperate to find out what all of the fuss was about with the previous incarnations.

9.The Division

Yes believe it or not, but this is actually a game. The graphics in this are truly outstanding and because it has the Tom Clancy name attached to it you know that it is going to be pretty good to play. This is an online, third person RPG and the detail that is in it is amazing, so prepare yourself for one of the best games not only in 2014, but for the last few years.


10.The Witcher 3

The first thing you have to say about this game is that it is beautifully made and you are probably already interested in checking out what it has to offer you. This game is massive and there is so much to do and check out with a whole host of characters that it is going to take you some time to complete this, if you ever do.


This game is due to come out in spring 2014 and it is one that you really do need to consider playing. It brings together aspects of games such as CoD4 and Battlefield 4 resulting in something that draws you in and just refusing to let go.



They have been working on this game since 2010 and even just this single image lets you see how detailed it is and you just know that this is going to be such a cool game to play. It is a first person shooter game set in the future and it is going to be available on both Xbox and PS.


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