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Most Forgettable Things By Us

Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022, 7:49 pm

1.Paying bills

Well this can be an interesting one because forgetting to pay bills can lead to all kinds of issues depending on the bill and depending on how late it is. Of course we can also say we forgot to pay it instead of admitting we have an issue, so at times this can actually be a complete lie.


We can be pretty useless when it comes to addresses especially when somebody stops us to ask for directions and we know the place, but go blank when trying to help. We are like this when sober, but when we are drunk we never get lost and always end up home, so how does that work?

3.Grocery items

Forgetting something when you go grocery shopping is something that everybody has done at some point and to be honest a list does not always help. The reason for this is that we can forget to put something on the list, and then do not get it, or there are times where we even forget to take the list with us at which point it really does become a lottery.


You see, or perhaps you don't see if you have forgot your glasses, but when you leave them at home you may suddenly be as blind as a bat. You would hope that this would only apply with reading because surely you would notice you had forgot them before you left your house due to the fact you were walking into walls and thinking it was the door?

5.Phone numbers

This problem has become less of an issue thanks to us walking around with our cell phones and the phone book that is built into them. However, it used to be one of the most annoying things ever if you suddenly had a blank with any phone number, and not just your own, when going to dial it.


This is fine if you are hardly five minutes out of your home and you have not reached your destination yet. However, it then becomes a problem when you are about to pay for something and realize that you have left it because the reaction that you get depends on where you are.


This is the most worrying thing to forget about because you need the medication for a specific health issue and if you forget to take it, then clearly it is going to make that health issue worse? Get yourself better organized because this one could save your health.


8.Cell Phone

Admit it, you have used another phone to dial your own cell phone in order to hear it ring and then go and find it. This works brilliantly for some people, but this plan does not work if you have it on vibrate or silent because at this point it is all down to luck.


Yep forgetting your keys either completely or just forgetting where you have put them is very annoying to say the least. How much time is wasted each year by us as we search high and low for them and then they magically appear in a place where you are convinced you have already looked?



The main thing here is that you need to be careful as to which birthday you forget because it could lead to the rest of the year being hell for you. Of course if it is your dog, then he may not be that concerned, but if it is your partner, then you will be sleeping on the sofa.


Yep we have all ended up being locked out of some account and part of the problem is that we just have so many different passwords to try to remember that it is pretty obvious that we will screw up at some point. However, at least you know that you are not alone in doing it.



Yep we have all been there and done that where we just hope and pray that somebody else will mention the name so we can carry on and people are oblivious to the fact that we did not know it ourselves. This is us trying to cover up our problem, but boy do we feel awkward when that does not happen.


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