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Most Scariest Ghost Sightings Around The World

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 1:43 pm

1.The Grey Lady of Willard Library, Evansville, Indiana

If you want to see tons of ghostly images you will certainly find those on both the security cameras at the Willard Library as well as the freshly installed ghost cams. She has been hanging around there since 1937 and never fails to turn up. She is dressed in a grey long dress along with veil. It is said it is the daughter of the founder of the library who upon his death left all his money to the library and left his daughter penniless.

2.The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

The photograph above could be one of the first genuine photographs of a ghost you have ever seen. The photograph was taken in 1937 by two photographers. The ghost is said to be Lady Dorothy Walpole who died in the home, possibly from the cruelty of her husbands hand. She was caught having an affair and her husband left her to die in a locked room, in 1726. It is said now she wonders around Raynham Hall possibly looking for her children.

3.Burton Agnes Hall

A little girl called Annie Griffith was cruelly mugged outside of her home by heartless robbers. She was beaten badly and managed to crawl back inside of her home. Before she died she warned her family to cut off her head and keep it in the home to ward off spirits. They did not listen and once she was buried the house was racked with wailing, banging and eerie noises all night. They exhumed little Annie and once her coffin was opened people recoiled in horror as they saw her face pulled in an unnatural and horrific grin. They removed her head as she had told them and kept it at home. This warded off spirits for decades until someone removed it again. The same horrid noises haunted the house until it was brought back and encased in the walls permanently. Since then it has been quiet.

4.The La Laurie Home in New Orleans

In the 1800's the home was owned by Madam La Laurie, who at the time was a socialite. Well liked and respected, no one knew that Madam La Laurie was in fact a sinister woman who enjoyed torturing and killing her slaves. Once found out she ran away from New Orleans. The home bought many times over never kept an owner for very long as there were too many strange occurrences happening there. Today the home has been converted into an upmarket apartment block. Recently more bodies were found telling the tale of Madam Lu Laurie's evil goings-on.

5.The Schooner Hotel In London

This creepy hotel has been listed as the most haunted hotel in Britain by the British Poltergeist Society. There has been a whopping 3000 sightings reported over the last few years. There has even been grisly murders in rooms 17 and 28. So, if you do want to make sure you spot a ghost perhaps hire those rooms for the night. If you dare!

6.Myrtles Plantation, America

If you are looking for the most haunted house in America you have found it! There is not one, but 12 ghosts roaming around the place. The main story centres around Chloe who was a slave at the plantation. She was also Mistress to Judge Woodruff the owner. She landed up having her ear cut off after it was found she was listening in on the family conversations. Judge Clark Woodruff thought that was a fitting punishment for a slave even though she was his mistress. It all ended with Chloe baking Judge Woodruff a poisoned cake, which unwittingly his wife and daughters ate. All three of them died and she was hanged for her crime. Now she roams the hallways and rooms of the plantations home. There are also fingerprints and hand marks that mysteriously appear on the walls and particularly a mirror that hangs in the passageway.

7.The Aradale Lunatic Asylum, Australia

This massive imposing asylum was opened in 1867 to house what was considered lunatics and idiots. Before Psychology was even a noted science the patients here underwent strange and odd treatments. As a result over 13 000 patients died here over its 100 year lifespan. The ghostly reports regarding Aradale include, shadowy figures walking its corridors, people moaning and screaming and a room that is so heavy with an evil atmosphere that not many can go inside.


8.Edinburgh Castle.

In an interesting article, Times Magazine named the most haunted places in the world. Edinburgh came out as one of the most haunted cities in the world and Edinburgh Castle one of the most haunted castles. There is a shadowy dog that walks around its grounds, a headless drummer and Lady Glamis prowls the dark and spooky hallways. Many paranormal investigators have been sent to the castle and report the same stories. This is truly one of the most haunted and scariest places to see a ghost.

9.Strange Ghostly Photographs

These two schoolgirls only saw the apparition behind them when the photo developed. No one knows who the girl is, if it is a girl or in fact, what it is.


10.The Ghost of Resurrection Mary

One of the most well known ghosts in the Chicago area is that of 'Resurrection Mary'. Mary and her boyfriend were spending an evening dancing together at the Oh Henry Ballroom in Chicago. After Mary and he had an argument she stormed out and ran down the nearby Archer Avenue. She was hit by a car and left to die. Worst of all the driver was a hit and run and was never found. She was buried in her dancing dress and matching shoes. Drivers see her often running alongside the road where she was killed.

11.Toni Jo Haunts The Calcasieu Parish Courthouse

Toni Jo, as she liked to be called was the first woman to be put to death in an electric chair in Louisiana. Born in 1916, Toni Jo was a bit of a hell-raiser. A pr0stitute by profession she hitched a ride from a man, told him to undress then shot him between the eyes. Her screams have been heard around the courthouse, her moans of despair and also her presence has been felt by many. It is as though she refuses to let go and transcend this earth. Pictured here, left, with her sister, Toni Jo was as haunting in life as she became in death.


12.Life After death

If you never believed in ghosts before, perhaps knowing about Zona Shue's ghost might change your mind. In 1897 Zona passed away from what was thought childbirth complications. Days after her death was ruled from natural causes Zona appeared to her mother and described how she was beaten, abused and then killed by her husband. Her body was exhumed and it was found all the evidence the ghost had given were in fact verifiable by the body. This is a case that went down in American history as the first ghost to stand in trial and give evidence. (As all her testimony as a ghost bared out true and the evidence used). Her husband was convicted of murder.


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