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Natural Ways To Lose Weight

Friday, Aug 21, 2020, 5:03 pm

1.Eat fat releasing foods.

This one may require some research because first you have to know what fat-releasing foods are. Here's a good head start: apples, spinach, turkey, beans and oatmeal are all great foods for releasing fat and otherwise improving your metabolism. Learning the other ones is up to you. Good luck!

2.Serve the food restaurant style

Having your meals placed before you on a plate instead of a bowl or platter makes a surprising difference in how much food you want to eat. It's also true that if you have less food put in front of your face, you will simply want to eat less food -- regardless of how hungry you are.

3.Avoid soda

You probably already know that soda is bad for you. Why else would the city of New York be working so hard to ban it? The problem is that it is so darn tasty. And it quenches your thirst. But there any many alternatives that don't do to your system what soda does. And many of them actually taste good.

4.Avoid 'oses'

What are the 'oses'? These are mostly pre-cooked foods that contain ingredients that end with 'ose,' such as fructose, dextrose, glucose, lactose, sucrose and maltose. These things are your enemy if you hope to lose weight. When in doubt simply snack on a fruit. You'll find no 'oses' in a pear.

5.Avoid fried foods

Saying no to fried foods is something that health experts recommend without hesitation. This mainly proves that health experts have never eaten fried foods. If they had they'd know how difficult this advice is to follow. But don't worry, even with your new diet you can always come here and stare at this picture.


Walking at the gym's treadmill is all fine and well. But experts in fitness recommend that the best way to incorporate walking into your life is to actually use it as a form of transportation. This can be complicated for folks who drive a lot. But it's a good way to get exercise without having to set aside time in your hectic schedule.

7.Stay positive

Keeping a positive attitude abut your weight loss is the best way to ensure that you keep going down the right path. This can mean a number of things for many different people, but mostly it means avoiding the kind of negative talk that keeps some people from staying true to their diet goals.


8.Eat and stop

This basically means you have to abandon the clean plate club. Don't be afraid to simply stop eating when you are full, instead of feeling obliged to eat every single thing on your plate (no matter how fattening). Not only is stopping a good idea, but slowing down is great too. It gives your brain time to catch up with the fact that your stomach is full.

9.Food journal

What better way to keep tabs of the food going into your body than to... well, write it down. Seeing the week's meals in writing has a vivid way of reminding you that you're moving in the wrong direction -- or it can encourage you by congratulating you for moving in the right direction.



This is really just a fancy way of saying drink water. Lots of water. Better yet, make water the beverage you always have with a meal or a snack or when you just need to cool off a bit. It also saves money. You never realize how expensive soda is until you stop buying it.

11.Get support

Having a work-out buddy or being a member of a support group is helpful when traveling down the road of weight loss. Because surrounding yourself with people who offer encouragement just makes more sense than being around folks who love to remind you that you can no longer fit into your old swimming trunks.


12.Eat regularly

Having meals on a regular, reliable basis is great for your metabolism, according to dietitians and others who have a better understanding of what the word metabolism means. Given the hectic schedules that many people have today, this could be difficult to do. But I suppose the other alternative -- having to buy a new wardrobe because you can't fit into your old clothes -- isn't any better.

13.Eat smaller portions

Having five to six small meals a day is more highly recommended than the usual three meals a day. Why? Because it helps you consume fewer calories and it allows your body to release less insulin. This is probably great news for people who have time to eat five or six meals a day. For the other 99.00 percent of us, not so much.


Perhaps I am guilty of stating the obvious here, but exercising is the best way to take off weight and keep it off. Not only is it highly recommended for folks who spend way too much time at McDonald's, but according to this picture, even Ronald himself benefits from spending a few hours at the gym.

15.Count calories

Keeping a detailed count on the food you bring into your body is a good way to keep that body from expanding in ways that make it difficult to squeeze into that two piece bikini. Weighing yourself is great. So is measuring your waist. But knowing how many calories are in your food before you eat it is the smartest way to go.


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