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Patient Dog Named Scout Who Can Balance Anything On His Head

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 8:17 am

1.What a Prince

Scout is sure a Prince and certainly deserves to balance this princely crown on his head! OK so it is a tiara, but don't tell him that!!

2.Clever Boy

Ouch! That has to hurt? Imagine holding a huge jar on heavy coins on your head. Well, Scout can!


With dogs like Scout who needs friends? After all, can friends balance anything on their head! Are they even balanced! Look at his lower lip curled in utter concentration.


This regular dog would put any circus dog to shame with his unique ability to balance anything on his head. How long does he sit there for?

5.Yummy Bacon

Perhaps this bacon is the raw bacon before it was cooked to a crisp and Scout knows what is about to happen so is given us a big grin!

6.Heads or Tails

When Jen Gillian cant find a spare table for her flower arrangements she calls Scout who will sit there for hours with it on his head. Okay, that was just a joke, but wow he does make an awesome table!

7.Health Nut

Can you balance a blended veg smoothie on your head. We doubt it! Yet Scout certainly pulls this off with ease.


8.So Cute

The little eye peaking between the spaghetti is so adorable. Does Scout realize just how cute he is? Probably not.

9.Pot Luck

Here patient Scout balances a pot on his head. It seems as though he will do anything to please Jen Gillen his trainer. Although you do wonder what he thinks with regard to how he looks.


10.Ah! Look at That

Here is Scout all dressed up with his best neck scarf in order to do a balancing TV appearance. Perhaps his eyes are closed to help him deal with the smell of tasty hamburgers.

11.Nom Noms!

How long would you be able to balance a tasty bit of crispy bacon on your head without chomping on it? It seems clever Scout can do that, just as long as his owner Jen Gillen wants him to!


12.A Patient Dog

Meet Scout, the dog that can balance anything on his head. That means anything. He seems like a lovable softy that likes to impress with his brilliant balancing skills not to mention his patience!


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