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Photos That Will Make You Say "I Don't Want To Live On This Planet Anymore"

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 7:38 pm

1.Wanting too much

People that are greedy, and kids that are greedy are worse, will often tend to get you so worked up that you simply cannot believe what they are telling you.

2.Please take them off the Internet

This is one of those moments where you feel that some people should be banned from using the Internet in order to protect everybody else from their stupidity. You will find yourself reading this more than once to try to make sense of it, but that is impossible as you just need to accept that Biebersbiebz77 is very, very stupid.

3.Is this for real?

Is this actually for real? We hope that it is just somebody playing a joke because if that little girl really is like that, then she is in for a real shock as she gets older. That is one girl that has major attitude and the world will not take kindly to it.

4.No Barbie!!

Why has a toy manufacturer decided to really sexualize something as innocent as Barbie? In days gone by girls would just dress her up and play around with her and there was no sense of her having sex as those were innocent days. All of that has now changed.

5.But it is a plain white shirt?

Read it again because that does say that it is $120 for a plain white t-shirt and it has sold out. Are we really that mad that we are willing to pay that much for something that is so plain and we can get something identical for $5?

6.Too much too young

You know the scary part about this is not so much that she said that, but that she will have had it drilled into her by her parents that this is what she will need to do. That is far too much pressure at such a young age.

7.They think chicken is not meat?

At this moment in time all you can do is sit and shake your head at how stupid this person has been because they do not believe that chicken is meat. At what point did human evolution start to produce people like this? Is there nothing we can do to stop their advance?


8.Shake your head in disbelief

This really is the perfect example of why you may no longer wish to live on this planet. Kids really do think that the world began when they were born and get all confused with anything else. Are the schools teaching them correctly?

9.Is a 5th cousin a relative?

This person comes across as being the type who would worry about somebody who was even a 10th cousin and think that it was illegal to even look at them never mind kiss them. Can you even have a 5th cousin? Surely that just becomes somebody that you kind of know for some reason?


10.Kids these days

You see this is the problem with kids these days in that they do not appreciate how massive Star Wars was when it first came out. They have no idea how people sat there and just went..Wow and how state of the art it was.

11.Leave the classics alone

If you have a song that is known to be an all time classic, then do us all a favor and leave it in its original state. There is no need to take Smells like teen spirit and do a remix or dubstep version as you will just destroy it.


12.Some things are more important

This is scary because when you see that over 60,000 people care about some girl that sleeps around and 0 people care about something that forms the basis of our existence, then you know we have our priorities wrong. We really are quite sad.


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