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Pictures That Will Confuse Your Inner Man

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 8:42 am


Yep images such as these will undoubtedly confuse the absolute life out of you since your brain will be unable to comprehend what it sees before you. Yes if you put his face under the hair of Emma Watson you get a scary thing happening.


When she looks great in bikinis, but when she pumps up, you realize she could punch your lights out. This is just muscle overload and destroys the vision you had of how a female should look.

3.Oh Hell No!

When you realize she is more of a man than you are. This photograph will probably have left you questioning your very own manliness and we can perfectly understand why.


When she walks around half naked then gets mad when you respond. This entire thing just confuses the absolute life out of guys because they just have no idea if they are coming or going.


When she sends you a selfie like this it is clearly going to confuse you especially if she sends a teaser first just of her face close up. It is clear that there is something else going on and it just does not really register too well with your inner man.

6.Close Up and Personal

When a close up reveals her legs are hairier than yours. There is a good chance that you are sitting wondering if Photoshop is to blame for the close up.

7.Hell No!

You loved Miley Cyrus and her brash style, then you realize she is in fact Justin Bieber. At this point the inner man will become full of rage and start to lash out at random people.



That Aha! moment when you realize she is deflating. It is either that or she is very lop-sided and that alone will be enough to then confuse your inner man.

9.Celebs doing it

OK so guys have this built in idea of what Beyonce is like, but to then see this it is just not good for the mind. Yes that does indeed show her with hair under her arms, so even celebrities are prone to these kinds of things.



At that special moment, when suddenly you realize she is hairier than you are. Yes you probably have just checked how this compares to the hair that you have.

11.Bigger B0ner

You notice her lovely breasts, her slim waist and long legs that go on forever, then you realize her b0ner is bigger than yours. At this point your brain packs in due to it crashing like your computer.


12.Cock-Eyed Storm Model

When you are at a party and she is staring at you, or is she? There is absolutely no doubt that this will indeed confuse men since it is often not that difficult to do that.


Your inner man becomes confused when Claudia Cherriez tells you she's a man. Just admit it that you were fooled by this, but that's ok as most men will do the exact same.


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