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Poorest Countries In The World

Sunday, Jul 10, 2022, 1:24 pm


One of the most well known poverty stricken countries. Afghanistan enjoys zero international investment. The country has a very high unemployment rate and a huge war and fighting history. Although most of its inhabitants live on around $1 per day and their army is as poor as their country they are proud to state that they have never lost a war. This is of course to the detriment of their people at times.


Despite being a favoured holiday destination for many, this country is stricken by poverty. Over 80% of its inhabitants live on around $1 per day. Part of their revenue is secured from tourism and also from agriculture which constitutes 29% of their annual budget. Due to the uncertainty of foreign investors input into tourism Madagascar has seen a drop in tourist activity. Their GDP is around $800.The main causes are a large population with little employment and a lack of foreign investors.


Togo relies mostly on their massive cotton export in order to provide economic resources. They also export coffee and cocoa. Togo is also reportedly one of the largest producers of phosphate. Despite all this, over 50% of the population lives beneath the poverty line with a daily income of $1.25. Their GDP is well below $899.00. Lack of social and economic structures contribute to their poverty as well as high unemployment and lack of jobs.


Despite being blessed with an abundance of Uranium and other precious minerals, Eritrea is still a poverty stricken country. Primarily lack of social structures, economic infrastructure and civil violence make this one of the poorest countries on earth. Their GDP is below $700.


Even with an abundance of coal, asbestos, nickel, gold and a previously built infrastructure Zimbabwe is plagued by poverty. Mismanagement of finances has made it one of the most inflationary riddled countries on earth. Here you see how much 3 eggs cost in Zimbabwe. Lack of human development, lack of funds being pushed towards economic necessaries like power supplies, lack of educational facilities that are affordable all contribute to this country so rich in everything being the poorest country on earth. Their GDP is under $300.


Also known interestingly as the filthiest country on earth, Liberia's GDP is around $300. There is high incidence of illiteracy, lack of schooling, lack of knowledge about cleanliness and no health care. 80% of the population lives in poverty. The main contributors to their continued poverty is lack of economic infrastructure and lack of education.


Malawi continues to be stricken by poverty despite efforts world-wide to send monetary aid. Recently it lost a number of supporters and donations due to mismanagement of funds given to the country as well as funds disappearing. Here Madonna, who is largely a Malawi supporter is seen in Malawi on a recent visit. There was even a huge dispute regards Madonna's contributions to the country and the President of Malawi who claimed she was a liar and a diva.



Plagued with wars both tribal and civil, Burundi have never really had a period where there was no unrest. HIV and Aids, lack of access to education, lack of social structures makes this one of the poorest countries on the planet. With a GDP of around $615 many children under 5 die from malnutrition. Burundi's main export is coffee.


Somalia comes in as one of the poorest nations on earth, with a very low GDP of $600. Due to civil war and lack of economic infrastructure the country main cause of death is starvation.


10.Sierra Leone

One of the biggest exporters on the African continent, Sierra Leone remains one of the poorest countries in the world. This is primarily due to the lack of economic infrastructure as well as social inequities. Their GDP is around $700. Rich in gold and diamonds the movie 'Blood Diamonds' was based on Sierra Leone.

11.Central Africa Republic

Despite being rich in crude oil, diamonds, gold and agricultural power, the Central Republic still remains poor. This is mostly due to unrest and civil war. There GDP is around $760.


12.The Democratic Republic of Congo

Just to clarify, the Democratic Republic of Congo is different to the Republic of Congo. Once known as Zaire and French speaking, the Democratic Republic of Congo has a population of 71 million. Devastated by the Second Congo War in 1998 it has never recovered having lost over 5 million people in the war by 2008. The GDP (Gross Domestic Product is $348)


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