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Reasons Why Getting A Degree Is Not Worth It

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 7:53 pm

1.Start Out Life In Debt

One of the worst parts about going to college is starting life out in debt. At a young age, you will have acquired a large amount of debt, that may force you to take on jobs that you might otherwise not take. It might not even make use of your degree because you are so desperate for money.


Often college graduates are disenfranchised once they get their first real job in their field. The hours and pay may not be what they expected. In school, students dream of coming out and in their minds, they picture themselves as the CEO, with a nice car, special parking spot, and corner office. That's not the case.

3.Learn More Outside Classroom

Traveling abroad can be the best classroom you ever had. Well traveled people are often more successful than someone who spent four years in college. Get out there and learn about different cultures, different worlds, and different people. You can always go back to school, if need be.

4.Other Options

There are other options than going to college right after high school. Getting a job can teach you more about what you need to know than school can, in some instances. Don't just go to college to get a Liberal Arts degree, when it might not help you with doing what it is that you really want to do. Explore our options.

5.Everyone Else is Going

A lot of students want to go to college because everyone else is going. It can end up being more of a party than an education for some. Just because your friends are going, doesn't mean you have to go, especially if you are unsure of what you want to major in.

6.It Doesn't Always Prepare You For Success

College doesn't always prepare a student for success. Yes, it teaches you the basics, and gives you the knowledge to perform tasks, but success is attained through a lot more. There is knowing office politics, being able to think outside the box, and knowing how to climb the corporate ladder.

7.A Degree Doesn't Equal A Job

A degree doesn't materialize into a job. Most college graduates don't realize that they are not guaranteed to be hired just because they have their bachelors or masters. Experience counts for something, and it's always hard to land that first job, for anyone, degree or no degree. And not all colleges are created equal, sometimes making the college you graduated from a deficit.


8.Alternatives For Free

There are alternative ways to get an education other than attending a full time, live in college. Online courses can give you the same knowledge for a fraction of the cost. Work programs also give you hands on training in the field, which can prove most valuable for those who don't have the money or academics to attend college.


College is very expensive, often sending parents into debt, having to remortgage their houses, downsize their lives, and not enjoy their retirement. It puts a lot of pressure on the student to succeed after all the money poured into their education, sometimes causing friction in families.


10.It's Not Black And White

It's not always black and white. There are careers that require a degree, such as a doctor, lawyer, scientist, dentist, and so on, but there are other careers where work experience is more important. There is a middle ground as well. It is an individual decision based on so many things.

11.You Can Succeed Without It

Today, more and more adults are being hired without degrees. With the internet at our fingertips, this generation of children grew up being able to find out anything they needed to know. Some of them are more computer savvy than those with master degrees in other subjects. It's all relevant.


12.It's Not What You Want To Do

Some high school students are forced to pick a major when they are not really sure what they want to do with their lives. Eighteen is so young to know what you want to do with the rest of your life. Often times college graduates end up with a degree in something that they don't even like doing.


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