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Richest Chefs In The World

Tuesday, Mar 23, 2021, 6:50 pm

1.Rick Stein

Rick Stein has been a celebrity chef for what feels like decades, but it has meant that through those shows, cooking, and his cook books, he has amassed a personal fortune in the region of $50 million. Now he travels around the world expanding on his knowledge of cooking as well as continuing to produce books and shows.

2.Jamie Oliver

Jamie is quite a popular chef with his cheeky boy attitude and quite a cool way of cooking. This has helped him to generate a personal wealth in the region of $70 million due to his television shows, books, as well as his restaurants and having his name on various kitchen utensils. He is a very busy guy, so his wealth is only ever going to increase.

3.Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri is quite a rock and roll chef as you can see by his picture. He did end up earning approximately $8 million last year alone and it is all due to his character and the way that he is larger than life with people loving that. He makes cooking fun, but would you not be having fun if your bank account had been boosted like that?

4.Bobby Flay

Bobby Flay is a very well known celebrity chef who has wowed audiences across the country on a regular basis with his amazing food that is not even that difficult to cook. This has helped him to earn an estimated $9 million in 2012 alone and you would not bet against him earning at least the same again next year either.

5.Nobu Matsuhisa

After earning $10 million in a single year, Nobu has certainly had a lot to smile about lately. This chef is all about blending cuisine in a unique way and it has led to him not only becoming very famous, but also very wealthy as well. Now with his superstar status he stands to make even more cash over the next few years, so $10 million will pale into insignificance.

6.Todd English

After earning $11 million in a single year it is fair to say that Todd is a very successful chef. He not only owns some popular restaurants, but he is of course a celebrity chef and with that comes even more success and even more money. You get the feeling that 2013 is also going to be a very good year with more millions making their way into his bank account.

7.Alain Ducasse

When you earn approximately $12 million in just a single year you can probably claim that you are indeed one of the best in your industry. He owns a number of top restaurants around the world, numerous Michelin stars, and when you manage to do all of that, then you are always going to make a lot of money just like Alain has done.


8.Mario Batali

Mario is a cooking phenomenon and he has built up an empire in a relatively short period of time resulting in restaurants, books, and becoming a TV personality, This has all meant that in 2012 he earned $13 million and it would not be a surprise if he managed to surpass that amount in 2013.

9.Paula Deen

Paula Deen earned $18 million in 2012 alone, but thanks to the controversy surrounding her you just know that she has no chance of earning that money in 2013. She came across as wholesome, cuddly, and great at cooking, but now people just see her as a racist.


10.Wolfgang Puck

Wolfgang not only has restaurants, but also books and shows and that helped him to earn an estimated $20 million in just 2012 alone. This Australian chef is certainly one of the most popular in the world right now and his food does always look amazing and you can guarantee his wealth will just continue to grow.

11.Rachael Ray

It is perhaps no surprise that Rachael Ray has made it onto a list of the richest chefs in the world because in 2012 she made an estimated $25 million in just twelve months. This is probably going to be due to her cheery nature and the way that women in particular love her food and how she makes cooking appear to be so easy.


12.Gordon Ramsay

Gordon is probably the most famous chef in the world and in 2012 he is believed to have earned a staggering $38 million in just a single year. This is of course due to his numerous restaurants as well as his books and TV shows and you know that 2013 will also have been very profitable for him as well.


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