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Richest Football Clubs In The World

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 9:41 am


At times Liverpool are not even the fourth best team in England, but that does not put off their millions of supporters from around the world who still back the club on a yearly basis. Their revenue rose by 9% to $325.9, but to get back into the top ten they really do need to qualify for the Champion's League once again.

2.Borussia Dortmund

Last year saw this club becoming the nearly men of European football. They became experts at coming second, but only thanks to Bayern Munich. However, it did result in an increase in their revenue as it increased from $266 million to $347 million in a single year.

3.AC Milan

AC Milan had a rise in their turnover to $357 million, but they will be annoyed that they still lag behind their big rivals, Juventus. This revenue can perhaps be put down to long-term supporters who were there when they dominated not only Italy, but also European football.


This is the biggest and most successful team in Italy and they saw a rise in their income last year with it eventually reaching $369 million. They are certainly the most well known team from this country by some considerable distance and as they continue to dominate in Italy their revenue should continue to grow.


It actually shows the global appeal of football from England as Arsenal still generated revenues of $385 million even though they have not won anything for what seems like forever. However, they were winning things when English football really took off around the world, so they have long standing supporters that keep spending money on them.


Chelsea would be disappointed with their results as they saw a drop in their revenue from $437 million to $411 million. They will be hoping that Mourinho can bring back some success to the club as that will lead to success in the marketing department as well.

7.Manchester City

Even though they won nothing last year it was at least a success for Manchester City off the field as they saw revenues rise and them becoming the second richest club in England. They are of course backed by a Middle East consortium and they are not afraid to throw the money around so they could be backed by the richest people, but when it comes to marketing they still lag behind.


8.Paris Saint Germain

This club had been on the slide for a number of years until they were taken over by a group from Qatar. Now they are the fifth richest club in the world due to revenue that exceeded $500 million last year. This is due to them signing some pretty big names and being in the media almost constantly, so more people have heard about them and bought things related to their club.

9.Manchester United

For years this club were the richest out there, but they have dropped behind by some considerable distance when you see that their turnover was only $574 million last year. However, a few things will be changing this year including a new sponsor, so you can expect to see that growing once again.


10.Bayern Munich

This German giant saw their income rise by 17% thanks to them having an amazing season including becoming the champions of Europe. This meant that their turnover reached $584 million, but unless they manage to repeat their exploits of last season this figure will more than likely drop back down even though they continue to dominate in Germany.


Barcelona will not be happy that they are behind their main rivals in this list of the richest clubs in the world and indeed Real Madrid managed to extend their lead slightly last year. Their turnover was $654 million, but they can feel slightly better knowing that they are indeed the best team in the world.


12.Real Madrid

Real Madrid top the list of the richest football clubs in the world thanks to them having a turnover of $703 million. However, this does not equate to them being the best team in the world, but at least their marketing department is doing something right with them generating such a huge sum of money.


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