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Tallest Buildings In The World

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 7:34 pm

1.Trump tower Chicago

You just know that Donald Trump will be absolutely delighted that he is the owner of one of the tallest buildings in the world, but it must also annoy him that it is only the second tallest building in Chicago. This particular one is 423m high and has 98 floors in it and as you can see it is basically all glass making it quite a cool building to look at.

2.KK 100

This building in Shenzhen, China is actually quite cool as it does curve a bit and it is certainly not just built with straight lines making everything very boring to look at. The building itself is 442m tall and has 100 floors, so the space inside is being used in the correct way and ultimately you just know that there are thousands of people working away inside this building every single day.

3.Willis tower

This building really does help to define Chicago as it stands out from all of the others in the city. The building itself is 442m high and it has 108 floors and as you can see it is quite a blocky building with the way that it has been designed. It may not be the nicest looking of buildings, but it is still impressive in its own way.

4.Zifeng tower

The Zifeng tower is in Nanjing, China and as you can see from this photograph it is quite a good looking building. The structure is 450m high, but it only has 66 floors, so either the floors start high up, there is a lot of wasted building, or each floor is massive with height as that seems to be very few floors for the height of the building.

5.Petronas Tower

When it comes to tall buildings in the world it is perhaps fair to say that the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur is probably one of the most instantly recognizable buildings in this list. Technically the two towers could be listed individually, but that would be cheating, so it is enough to say that the buildings are 452m high and both have 88 floors.

6.International Commerce Centre

This rather impressive looking building is in Hong Kong and it stands 484m high and has 118 floors. Obviously space is at a premium in Hong Kong, so it makes sense for them to look at building upwards rather than outwards, but this does take it to a bit of an extreme. However, the building is full of people trading and money being spent and at least it is not that ugly either.

7.Shanghai World Financial Centre

Standing 492m tall and with 101 floors, the Shanghai World Financial Centre really is an impressive building. The design is cool, it does not look out of place in this modern city and you just know that it is going to be an absolute hive of activity inside. This is undoubtedly a building that the Chinese should be proud of.


8.Taipei 101

This building is 509m high and comes with 101 floors and as you can see it really does stand out in a city that is quite keen on having buildings with a few floors. The scale of this thing is just mind-blowing when you look at everything else around it and you have to admit that it does look kind of out of place.

9.One World Trade Centre

This has to be one of the most poignant buildings in the world and the new One World Trade Centre building stands an impressive 541m high and has 104 floors. As you can see it really does dominate the Manhattan skyline just like its predecessor did as well and it stands as a great monument to a terrible event.


10.Makkah Clock Tower

This clock tower is 601m high and it also has 120 floors. It is taking pride of place next to the holiest shrine in the whole of Islam in Mecca as it looms over the mosque. This building really is so huge especially when you compare it to everything else in the area as it just seems out of proportion, but then at this size almost everything is out of proportion.

11.Shanghai Tower

The Shanghai Tower is the second tallest building in the world with it reaching an impressive 632m high. The building also has 121 floors and the amazing thing is that it really is a considerable bit smaller than the tallest building in the world, which really puts it into perspective just how tall it is.


12.Burj Khalifa

This building in Dubai is the tallest by some considerable distance as it stands at a total of 828m high. It also has 163 floors and as you can see it really does tower above everything else in the area. This building is extremely impressive with a fantastic design and even though the top is just basically a pole stuck on you will still get a stunning view from the top floor.


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