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Things You Didn't Know About The Bible

Friday, Jul 8, 2022, 3:21 pm

1.No Good Friday

You will be familiar with Good Friday, but the problem is that we have no idea of the day of the week when Jesus was crucified. They did not have the same calendar as we do now, so the idea of Good Friday may be nice in essence, but in reality it is something that we have made up.

2.3 heavens?

The Bible actually describes three different heavens rather than the one we are most familiar with. However, one focuses more on the spiritual side of things and it is this version that is the one that we hope we are going to reach when we die, but it is still interesting to know that there are others out there.

3.Rising up

You are familiar with the idea of Jesus being risen from the dead, but in actual fact he was not the only one. Instead, there are eight other people that are described as being risen from the dead and this includes people of all ages and both sexes.

4.The disciples

You will be familiar with the idea of there being 12 disciples, but in actual fact there were a lot more than 12. Instead, there appears to have been around 82 disciples in total although we only really ever hear about the 12 you will be most familiar with.

5.Jesus image

Most people are familiar with the way that Jesus looks, but that is something we do not know about, but even the Bible says he is not that remarkable to look at. (Isaiah 53) Indeed we show him as being thin, but he is described as being a glutton, so can a glutton be thin?

6.The devil

Whenever we think of the devil we think of this kind of image, but in actual fact we are completely wrong because the Bible does not mention any of this at any point. We have managed to create this stereotype all on our own as the Bible has a different take on the devil.

7.Benjamin Franklin

"God helps those who help themselves" this is a famous quote, but people believe it was from the Bible when in actual fact it comes from Benjamin Franklin. Just remember that fact the next time somebody starts trying to show off with their Biblical quotes and mention this one.


8.Jonah & the whale

Jonah and the whale is a good story, but in actual fact the idea of a whale is wrong. Instead, it is merely described as a large fish, but a whale is not a fish, so we then have a major problem as we have been telling the people the wrong thing for centuries.

9.Adam & Eve

People believe that Adam and Eve were kicked out for eating from the forbidden fruit, but Genesis 2:9 says it was actually to stop them eating from the tree of life. This would have made them immortal and god was not keen on that.



The Gospels contradict one another on a regular basis with a number of stories including Judah and even stories connected to Jesus. You do wonder how this could happen, but it does and if you pay attention, then the differences leap out at you.


There are a number of different stories regarding creation in the Bible. This surprises most people as they believe it is all about the Genesis story when in actual fact there are different stories in the likes of Psalms or Job.



Two biblical books never mention God at any point. These books are Esther and second song of songs as they deal with other issues that do not include god. This part actually surprises people as there is the belief that every book is focused on God in some way.


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