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This Week's WTF Photos

Thursday, Jul 14, 2022, 8:23 am

1.A horse head

This is from Google street view and it is in Scotland and as you can see there is a guy standing on the street wearing a fake horses head. The funniest part is that he was then spotted a couple of other times as well, so he was actually stalking Google.

2.Madness on camera

This really is a great example of madness on camera because is this person trying to be a walrus or something? The fact that we do not immediately know or understand what is happening is what qualifies it as being a WTF photo.

3.A shaved llama

In all honesty the person that did this should be done for animal cruelty even though the end result will leave you wondering what is going on probably followed by you laughing a bit as well. The main thing is you should not feel bad depending on your reaction.

4.Where do you begin?

The chances of you ever understanding what is going on with this image are pretty slim because you just have no idea where you even begin. Have a go at trying to explain it in a way that makes sense.

5.What is he going to do?

What do you think that this guy is going to end up doing with that rather large knife? Is it the way that he cuts hair? Is he just posing? Does she look nice and calm as he is waving that around above her head?

6.They didn't stop it?

If you were the parent of this child, then surely you would stop taking photographs and run over to rescue your child? Nope not this family because instead they felt that snapping away was the better option.

7.What is that in his head?

What has this guy had put into his head? It looks like a couple of doughnuts in all honesty, but that is not exactly a good look to have going on is it?


8.That is going to hurt

There has to be absolutely no doubt that if this is done wrong, then it is going to hurt. However, what would possess you to put a drill against your head in the first place?

9.Yes it has been photoshopped

Well there is no doubt that this image has indeed been photoshopped, but then you need to try to work out what on earth is actually going on. Why would anybody want to just put a head and feet together in this way?


10.Strange toothbrush

Obviously she is trying to make some kind of a point here, but that does not change the fact that she has had her photograph taking as she puts toothpaste on bread. The point she is trying to make is not exactly crystal clear is it?

11.No wayyyyyyyyyyyy

Look closely at this a second time as you may not have realized what is going on the first time. Look at his tongue and try to convince yourself that this is ok???


12.Mrs Darth Vader

Well at least this kind of tells us what Darth Vader would be looking for in a woman, but that does not change the fact that this is one heck of a strange photograph. Maybe it's just the poses?

13.There's a crab on your head

Do you think that this woman knows that she has a crab on her head? Surely it is difficult to miss it considering the size of the thing and who decided that this would make a good hat in the first place?

14.Is this a monster?

This looks like something that would visit you in a nightmare because that face has to be one of the scariest things that you will have ever seen in your life. At least they have put some kind of diaper on it to try and make it look more normal.

15.Is this for real?

Sometimes a photograph is just best being left alone to allow you to try to work out for yourself what is going on in it. This is one of those times.

16.A rubber band thing going on

Never mind trying to work out how many rubber bands they have wrapped around their face and instead focus on the fact that they have done this in the first place. Surely that cannot be good for them?

17.Surely that hurts?

This is one of those moments where you look at an image and you have absolutely no idea as to what possessed somebody to do something in the first place. Why would you even consider doing this to yourself and how quickly after the photograph did they run to put it out?

18.A scary seal

Well here is a mother and child posing for a happy photograph completely unaware that behind them is what can only be described as a monster seal. Just look at the way it is drooling and the look in its eyes is just scary.

19.Licked by a fish

Do you want to know the strangest part of this photograph? It was taken with some serious intentions in mind and was not taken as a joke. The problem with this is that it does involves a big fish and surely they then thought that it looked very strange?

20.Is that safe?

Is this actually safe what they are doing? Surely there is just something completely wrong about hammering away with a knife at the top of a bomb? No wonder the one in the middle is closing his eyes.

21.Is your jumper stuck?

This picture just seems to show somebody that has had a major problem with trying to remove their jumper. However, we all know that this is not actually the case and it is just a bizarre item that should never have been made.

22.Where do you begin?

Where exactly do you begin with a photograph like this? Here is some guy with a box of taco shells taped to his chest and wearing a wearwolf mask and you have to wonder what is going through his head. How bored do you have to be before you get to this stage in your life?

23.The throwing of the chicken

OK so you are getting married and you want to do something that is memorable, so what do you do? The chances are that you do not copy this couple because here they are throwing a couple of chickens up into the air??


OK so it is pretty obvious as to what this photograph shows, but the mere fact that it exists is quite worrying all on its own. There really are some strange ideas as to what constitutes art in the world now.


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