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Tips For Booking Cheap Flights

Saturday, Jul 2, 2022, 3:42 pm

1.Connecting Flights

Do connecting flights. Flying this way can often be cheaper and save you a lot of money, but of course your main concern has to be the time and making sure that you will not miss it due to having very little time between flights. This may make the journey longer, but it will undoubtedly save you money.

2.Flexible Dates

Be flexible with your dates and check the prices a couple of days either side of when you want to travel. As long as there is no set reason for you to be there on a certain date it can often lead to you saving some money while still getting to where you want to be. Do not be rigid and you can save yourself some cash.

3.Lesser Airports

Check about flying to lesser airports in a city as they will have lower tax rates to pay and you will be able to still get into the city itself without paying over the odds. Why do you need to land in the middle of Paris when the transport is so good at a lesser airport?

4.6 Weeks Early

Book six weeks in advance as studies have shown that this is often the optimum time for doing so as this is the point where the airlines will initially drop their prices before increasing them again as time draws nearer to the flight. Of course this means you will need to plan ahead and do note that this does not always work as there can sometimes be cheaper flights later on.

5.Multiple Sites

Check multiple sites online in order to try to save some money as it is surprising how the same flight can differ in price depending on who you book with. This may not result in too much of a saving, but when it comes to a flight any reduction in the price is going to be a good thing.

6.Morning Deals

Check for deals in the morning as that is when they are often uploaded, so if you wait until the afternoon they tend to all be gone. You really do need to get up early to do this or you are going to be left with the bits and pieces that nobody else actually wanted.

7.Earliest Flight

Get the first flight of the day as this is often the cheapest one available, but of course you need to be an early bird in order to do this. Most people want to fly at a more sociable hour, so by getting in early you can save a lot of money and still end up at the same place.


8.Mix & Match

Mix and match airlines in order to get to your destination because in actual fact this can often work out cheaper than the same airline with different flights. Do not fall for the trick of needing to be with the same company as that is not the case and you can do quite well if you have a booking agent that is on your side.

9.Social Media

Watch out on Facebook and Twitter as airlines are now putting out special deals on there, but they are snapped up quickly. You are best to subscribe to them in order to get notification as they can put limited seats on there and they are gone in next to no time.



Fly out on a Wednesday as it has been shown to be the cheapest day for flying in the entire week. With other days airlines are either taking people away for the weekend, bringing them back after it, or meetings tend to be either ends of the week. By flying on Wednesday you can save a considerable percentage off your airfare.

11.Last Minute

Go for last-minute flights for the next day or two as they will reduce the prices just to get extra people on that plane. Of course this means you need to be flexible with traveling, but if that is not a problem, then you can end up saving a lot of cash.


12.Clever Booking

Book, then check the next morning to see if the price has fell. If it has then cancel using the 24 hour rule and then rebook at the lower price. This does not work with last minute deals, but generally speaking you can cancel within 24 hours and by doing so you can save yourself some money and still get to the same destination.


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