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Top 15 Weirdest Cars

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022, 3:30 pm

1.Clear horse box

This is a very different type of horsebox, but at the same time it is actually very cool as it just lets you see all of the workings with the vehicle, so at least from that angle it is interesting. The horse can of course see what is going on a lot easier as well, so the horse will be delighted with this design, but surely you would feel a bit naked driving it?

2.The gargoyle

This is a car that will scare the life out of people that see it coming up behind them as they will not be used to seeing gargoyles on the road. This car must have taken an absolute age to create and surely the light will just bounce off it making it difficult to drive, as if the handling will not be difficult enough to start with, and you cannot imagine that it is fast either.

3.Floppy disk

For some very strange reason this guy has decided to turn an ordinary car into one that pays homage to the floppy disk. Every single surface has been covered in them and as you can see he has at least tried to get some kind of pattern going, so there has been some thought put into it, but at the same time you would be embarrassed to actually be seen driving this.


The way in which this car has been modified makes you think that you are sitting driving a piece of wood. It is actually quite cool and it is exceptionally well done, but would you like to drive this on a regular basis? Surely it is not going to turn that well and any small bumps on the road must cause chaos, so perhaps you should keep this more for show than going to Walmart.

5.Shark truck

This shark truck does and does not work because on the one hand it looks cool, but on the other it is a bit too beaten up for you to take it seriously. It really is quite a comical looking vehicle and the teeth look like an absolute joke more than anything else, but at least your vehicle is going to stand out in the crowd, but a bit too much when you sit back and think about it.

6.Big wheels

If you look at this car and wonder how it can possibly work, then you are not alone. It just looks mad with those wheels and you feel as if it could just fall over at any point if the driver is not careful. You would be forgiven for thinking it would work better on a railway line rather than a road and surely it is very difficult to drive as well? Is this thing even safe?

7.The skull

You need to seriously love a skull to consider driving around in this vehicle. The one good thing is that at least you can look out of it thanks to the eye sockets, but at the same time it is still a mad thing to drive around in even if it does look like it is more for on the beach than anything else. At least it could make people smile when it goes past them.


8.The beetle

This is a different beetle to what you were expecting and why anybody would want to do this to their car is a complete and utter mystery. The person clearly loves the insect, but at the same time it must be a handful to drive and you do look rather stupid behind this particular wheel. If you love a beetle, the stick to the Volkswagen variety just to play it safe.


Everybody loves Pacman, but would you love him enough to make a car around him? Probably not, but at least one person did and you have to admit that it does bring a smile to your face whenever you look at it. You cannot help but think that the mouth is going to close when you are inside, so with that part it is going to worry you ever so slightly.


10.The pig car

How mad would you need to be to drive this car? At what point do you look at your Mercedes Benz and think, you know what I'm going to turn this into a pig. In all honesty it is very well done and they are certainly creative, but it is just madness to take a good car and just ruin it in this way. Well done to whoever came up with this rather peculiar idea.

11.The duck

Yes this is a duck that you can drive. Obviously it is a car pretending to be a duck and not the real thing, but it is still cool and it would be different to get behind the wheel and drive along. Ok this is more for show than being practical, but at the end of the day it will raise a smile and a laugh and that is what this wacky car is all about.


12.The shark

Imagine looking in your rear view mirror and seeing this coming at you? Would this not make you feel like putting the foot down and getting the hell out of there? In actual fact it is quite cool with how it all looks and it is very well designed, as well as the fact that it works. It surely cannot move that fast and it has to weigh quite a lot as well, but good on them for being clever.


Yes this actually is a car and a boat on top of one another and it has to be one of the wackiest car designs you have ever set eyes on. This car does actually work, but what possessed somebody to do this in the first place and then spend money on it? It would be an absolute nightmare to drive and imagine trying to park it?

14.The legs

Ok the first thing you are going to do is wonder how this car actually works because if those legs move in a walking fashion, then you are not going to go fast, but at least you are still moving. This is somebody being as creative as a human can possibly be, but the chances of cars being like this in the future is non-existent.

15.The sunflower

This car is seriously strange and the fact that there is also a bicycle to accompany it just adds to the overall strangeness about it. It does bring a smile to your face and you would get a good view from up top, but in all honesty would you get in it in the first place? Probably not.


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