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Top Ways To Make People Do Our Work

Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022, 7:49 pm

1.Tell Them It's Their Job

You can always use the old switcheroo and tell them that it's their job to complete. If you are convincing enough, and no one is there to tell them otherwise, you might just pull one over on a gullible co-worker or friend, but be prepared for the consequences if they find out the truth.

2.Make Them Feel Guilty

Then theres guilt. Mothers are notorious for using guilt to get their children to call them or do something they ask. Well, you can play that game when you want someone to do your work. Make them feel so guilty to say no, that they are forced to oblige your request.

3.Feign Illness

How many times have you pretended to be sick to get out of going to school when you were a kid, or going to work as an adult. Well it works the same way if you want someone to do your work. Acting like you don't feel good and can't complete a task, plays on the sympathies of others.

4.Ask Them To Show You How

Asking someone to show you how to do something can actually get them to do it for you. First, ask for help, and as they instruct you, keep messing it up until they get so frustrated that they just take over. They won't even realize that you've stepped back and are doing nothing.

5.Act Helpless

Acting helpless can make people feel bad for you and want to help you. If you really appear that you just can't get it done, you will find others who want to get it done for you. The better an actor you are the more realistic it will seem, and you may never have to work another day in your life.

6.Appeal To Their Ego

Appeal to someone's ego to get them to do your work. Tell them how great they would be at whatever job you want them to complete. Praise them on their skills and how they could do it so much better than you. The more egotistical they are the better it will work.

7.Offer sex

Need something done really bad and don't want to do it? Well, you could offer a friend or lover sex to do it for you. sex talks more than money does, and there are certain men who would do almost anything for sex. Put it on the table and see who bites.



Blackmail has been used for centuries to get people to do someone else's dirty work. Knowing something about someone, and eve better, having proof, can make some people stoop to blackmail in order to get what they want. Not a great or ethical tactic, but unfortunately it is used by the unscrupulous

9.Pay Someone

Paying someone to do something for you almost always works. As they say, money talks. Offer pay for a task that you don't want to do, either to people you know, or to strangers, by posting an ad. More than likely someone will bite, and at the right price, they may even do a good job.



Flirting goes a long way in getting someone to do something for you, even if it is your work. A cute little pout, a bat of the eyelashes, or a pretty smile can get a guy to do almost anything. If you're a guy wanting a girl to do something for you, just make her feel special and loved.

11.Ask For Help

Ask for help if you want people to do your work. Sometimes give you help is harder than just doing it themselves, so they will just do it. It's a great tactic and it usually works, and even if it doesn't, they are still helping you with the workload, and therefore doing some of the work.



Delegating is one of the best ways to get other people to do your work. If you're the boss, then being a good delegator is a great skill, but if you are just looking for an out because you don't want to do the work, then using a confident tone may make delegating a lot easier


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