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Truly Disturbing Fairy Tales

Friday, Jul 1, 2022, 3:53 pm

1.Little red Riding Hood

The original version actually includes the likes of her eating her grandmother and there are also a number of sexual things included, which just feels so so wrong for this particular story. It tells you a lot when the Grimm Brothers actually made the story a lot nicer than the original.

2.Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty had a disturbing start to life because the original version included rape, murder, and people trying to eat a couple of babies, so it is with some relief that the version we are more familiar with is a lot better than that. The Disney movie would have certainly been a lot different if it went with the original story.

3.The Juniper tree

This fairy tale talks about family murder and some family cannibalism as well. Why this is included in a fairy tale is something that you will just have to try to work out for yourself because countless numbers of people have tried and every singly one has failed to understand what was going on in the mind of the author.

4.The tale of the grandmother

If you are looking for a fairy tale with some sexual content, and potentially paedophilia, then this is the one for you. It does also have some cannibalism in there as well just to get you away from the sexual stuff, but overall it is a story that is very disturbed and is perhaps not one that you would rush to read.

5.The rose-elf

The funniest part about this fairy tale is that yes it involves murder and some incest, but people also describe that it has mild necrophilia as well as death by flowers. It is the death by flowers that is the funniest part because you presume they died by being smothered by petals.

6.The robber bridegroom

This is an older story, but it does still involve the likes of murder and cannibalism as if killing somebody is not enough. It does mean that it hardly moves along all happy and jolly, so forget about reading this one around the Christmas table to get them into the festive spirit.

7.The old woman who was skinned alive

Well you have probably already guessed by the title what is included in this fairy tale, so at least you can be put off reading it before you pick it up. There is also the fact that it includes old lady sex, and surely even the kinkiest of people must realize that this is not something that appears in a fairy tale.


8.Sun, Moon, and Talia

Well this fairy tale takes things up a whole new level as it includes things such as raping somebody when they are in a coma, being burned alive, and there is a bit of cannibalism also included if that is not enough for you. Hopefully it does not start with "Once upon a time"


This fairy tale does have a number of things in it that should mean it is never read out to children. This story talks about torture, murder, and even incest, so you do wonder what was going on in the head of the author when they were writing it because it's hardly about a fairy is it?


10.The Little Mermaid

This sounds nice, but in actual fact it is not because it features suicide and focuses on the long-term suffering of an individual, that does of course then lead to death. It also mentions being mutilated and is that really something that you want to have in your fairy tale?

11.The Myrtle tree

This fairy tale lures you in by having a sweet picture, but the story itself is all about murder, people being executed and all other kinds of horrific things. Hopefully this is not something that is going to be read out to kids or boy are you going to do them some damage.


12.Biancabella and the snake

This is disturbing because it includes things such as bestiality, an horrific death, a body being mutilated, and a completely unnatural pregnancy. How it could then be described as being a fairy tale really is a bit of a mystery because it is hardly Snow White is it?


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