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Why Guys Love Instagram

Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021, 9:33 am

1.So many shots of the same girl

Of course since they have their own individual account it does mean that we are often left with a number of shots of the same girl in various poses. This is so cool because it results in us seeing things such as this image and how could we not fail to love it?

2.Looking fit

Yep this chick is looking fit and that outfit she is wearing is just smoking hot. We love how easy it is for people to seek admiration for how they look thanks to Instagram and of course we are a willing audience as well.

3.The casual chick

What this shows is that Instagram is not just about standing in your underwear because we also love the fact that there are natural selfies such as this one on there. She really is a cool chick and at least we can admire her from afar.

4.Bras galore

A quick search on Instagram will result in you coming across a number of different shots of women standing in a variety of bras. You will have a new found appreciation of their underwear and it is all thanks to Instagram.

5.Next to nothing

Yep there are women out there that will quite happily pose topless on Instagram and it is just normal for guys to then go ahead and fall in love with them as a result. They just love the attention as much as we love giving them it, so it is a win win situation.

6.Who cares about the background?

With these kinds of shots we really do not care about what is going on in the background because our complete attention is on the hot woman in the middle of the shot. You may remember her in the black bikini, but will you remember the color of her carpet?

7.The bikini shot

The bikini shot is always welcome no matter the color, design, or how much material has been used in its creation. Of course it helps when there is a hot body behind it and that is why this one is a winner.


8.Getting sexy

It is just nice to think that there are hot women out there that are willing to post up shots such as this one so that they enter the public domain. Before Instagram this was kept more hidden, so that is why we are glad it was invented.

9.The honesty selfie

With these selfies there is a sense of them just being quite relaxed and not really posed that much, but we love them no matter the reasons behind the image being taken. This chick is hot even though the wings on her phone are a bit strange.


10.Dressing up as a schoolgirl

Instagram selfies can also often result in the girl dressing up as something such as this cross between a schoolgirl and cheerleader. You have to admit that it is certainly a pleasant sight.


On Instagram you can get action shots like this and the reason why this one has been included is because this girl was seen as having one of the best butts. Of course it does help when she puts it at such a cool angle.


12.Is it not obvious?

this being put up there. You have to admit that it is pretty hot when a sexy woman puts up a shot of her standing in her underwear for us all to see.


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