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Why Guys Like Cheerleaders

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 10:03 am

1.Innocence Meets Vixens

Cheerleaders have a great body image and are not shy, yet they are so innocent at the same time. What a perfect combination.

2.Dream Girls

They really are just your dream girl as they are fit, energetic, look hot, and just seem to have no flaws. It really is no surprise that guys love them so much.

3.What is Not to Like?

They often wear those frilly little skirts which get blown up by the wind. They are always smiling and happy too, what is not to like?

4.Overload of Cuteness

Cheerleaders bend over a lot which also looks so sexy, particularly when they are all in a row. It is like eye candy overload and the cameraman will be loving it.


Being fit is very much a turn-on for a man. Being fit and hot and sitting in a squat is turn-on overload.

6.They're so Inviting

They also seem to be inviting you to do things to them. In this photograph we can only imagine what might go on in the mind of a gentleman watching a ball game.

7.Bend Over

Cheerleaders are flexible and bendy and we are sure you know what that means. There are those white panties again.


8.Poetry in Motion

With the legs parted, hair flying back and open mouths it kind of reminds men of more carnal things. Plus, they are beautiful too.

9.Group sexy

The best part of cheerleaders is when they are in groups, which of course they always are. Plus they tend to flash without all the stigma attached to flashing your naughty bits. It's a bit like group sex without the stigma.


10.Continuous sex

Cheerleaders always look as if they are having sex, even when they are cheering. It's all in the hips and facial expressions.

11.Flirty Skirts

First of all cheerleaders are always flashing their panties. Without even realizing it. That is what makes them so sexy. Most of the time their panties are white. White panties spell young and hot.


12.Men Love Cheerleaders

It's true men love football and they love cheerleaders. If you wondered why you might understand after you have browsed through these pictures.


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