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Why Men Like Loose Tank Tops On Girls

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 8:08 pm

1.Britney's Sporty Look

Britney again, look casual and fresh and probably not too aware that her tank is causing a stir. For once, Britney is also now not showing off too much flesh yet manages to look very sexy and casual in this tank.

2.Flaunt It

If you have got it flaunt it! Be careful though, not to be arrested for indecent exposure. When you are famous it just seems easier to do. This tank caused a stir with the paparazzi and probably would while you walk around your home town too.

3.One Size Fits All

Whether the breast size is large or small there is a tank to suit every shape and a tank to bring out the 'Oohs' and 'Ah's' from passing men. What guy could resist a girl that looks like this in one?

4.The Cropped Tank

Britney adds extra sex appeal with this cropped tank. A tank and cropped is probably a dynamite combination, but you do need the body to carry it off., Stylish and Classy

Tanks can look innocent, classy and ravishingly sexy all in one moment. They are stylish too. This lady is just keeping it all together, only just.

6.Lindsay's Blue Tank

Lindsay Lohan looks fresh as a daisy in this crisp blue tank on a hot summers day. Did she realize the commotion she was causing?

7.Moss Has It Nailed

Tank tops show off every little curve and every little goose bump. Including nipple freeze from a cool breeze. What is not to like? It might be one way to make a man stick around!


8.Sneaky Peek

Rihanna just looks so cool whenever she wears them and one of the best things about the loose tank top is you never know what may be revealed. All it takes is getting the right angle and you will see more than you bargained for.

9.Public Warning

This tank is smoking hot and shows off this models curves nicely. We wouldn't advise wearing this in public like this.


10.Crisp Cotton sexy

Even when the tank is pretty clean cut and not very revealing. There is a sporty innocence about them especially when Sandra Bullocks wears one.

11.Cheeky Jessica

Jessica Alba shocks everyone. The normally quite prudish Jessica has a wardrobe malfunction with her tank and displays a see through bra-cup.


12.Bouncy Beyonce

There is something quite cheeky about a tank top. You can basically show as much or as little as you wish. The rest is left to the imagination.


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