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Worst Christmas Decorations Ever

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022, 4:18 pm

1.Whatever Will They Think Of Next?

As far as Christmas tree baubles go, competition is tough, particularly for new ideas. Whoever came up with snow covered dog poop was ingenious? Or, maybe not!

2.Naughty Santa

Depending on who is about on Christmas day this little Santa and his pig tailed partner could be in bad taste. However, perhaps there is a Christmas for the more kinky types of our population!

3.Santa peeing?

Watch out for Santa's golden showers! As far as lacking in class this neon Santa takes the prize for worse Christmas decoration ever we reckon. Maybe he drank too much milk and ate too many cooking before climbing back up the chimney?


This aspiring designer has the complete wrong approach here because what on earth is actually going on? How did they think that this could ever be seen as being festive?


Perhaps this home-owner could have stopped at the inflatable train? Or the blown up reindeer, but to add massive blown up balls at the window? Gosh! who had the energy to blow that lot up!


Some little kids dreaming of Santa this year might be terribly traumatized by this airlines joke Christmas decoration? There he is, all flat and splattered with presents a kilter. Poor Santa!

7.naked Belly and All

We know Nino's mean well but really? Ew! This naked Santa is enough to put you off your pizza! Plus, with that big belly, it looks as though he really has been a naughty boy this year and eaten too much junk food.



I guess some feel Christmas is an adult affair, while many think it is a kids affair. Why the heck not! Christmas has become so dull, boring and routine that one thinks these naughty balls might just be what one needs in order to cheer an adults Christmas up.


Some people go overboard and other's just couldn't be bothered it appears. We are left wondering if those tiny 'thing's' under it are the presents? A lot of people cannot afford Christmas and this people understand, however, a lack of imagination and effort just gets a thumbs down!


10.January Electricity Bill From Hell

Whilst this Christmas lover gets 100 points for effort, we feel it is all just a little over the top. There is just too much going on! Snowmen, Santa's, reindeer's of various types and who knows what else. Who would like to pay this happy campers electricity bill this month?

11.What The Heck?

These Nazi engraved Christmas tree decorations could win first prize for worse decorations ever. Unless of course you are Pro the Nazi movement or a member of the Ku-Klux-klan. Then your nearest store should sell out soon.


12.What a Poor Show!

Punted as the 'Worse Christmas Tree' ever, angry village dwellers wrote in to the Sun newspaper to complain about their Christmas tree offering from the council in the UK. Some declared that it look liked like a 'wigwam' while others noted that it looked like an upside down cone. There were a few snow flake markings on the cone for decoration and that was about it. As far as Christmas tree's this one definitely wins a top place in contenders for worse one ever.


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