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Worst Construction Fails

Thursday, Jun 25, 2020, 1:48 pm

1.Blocked Door

Have these people ever heard of not blocking an exit, not to mention blocking an entrance made especially for the handicapped? With metal chairs, that seem to be permanent, placed in front of the door, no one can enter or exit. Hopefully, there is another form of egress to make this a legal pubic space.

2.Peek-A-Boo Toilets

A misjudgment in the height of the privacy door on these stalls makes them anything but private. The only thing covered is the user's face, while everything else is visible to others people waiting as well as people in the adjacent stalls. We have to wonder if anyone uses these stalls or if they are just a joke by now.

3.House On The Side Of A Building

We've all heard of crowding housing together, but this is ridiculous. This house looks like a mini castle, but it's built into the side of an apartment building. Strange and ridiculous, because it seems to open up into the apartment building as well. Was it intentional? Well, never know, but royalty might live here.

4.Wet Wall

A strange flow for this water fountain, that hits the wall behind it when you press the button. It might be hard to get a good sip, without wetting your face either. It's strange how this was built, seemingly put in backwards. It appears to be in a school, where you would think there are higher standards.

5.Watch Your Step

A frightening location for a door, either trying to enter it or coming from the other side. Hopefully, it's locked so no one opens it without looking and falls a few feet. It's odd how some of this construction is actually approved or meets building inspection. Something is missing somewhere.

6.Balcony To Nowhere

It looks as if they built the balconies a little too far to the right, or they forgot to cut a sliding door entrance where the balconies are placed. Either way, this is a strange looking piece of construction, with balconies that will never be used because they are completely inaccessible.

7.Pee With A View

This might be a great way to prevent being bored while waiting for mother nature to run it's course, however, just remember, if you can see out, then most likely people can see in. Unless this window is on a top floor, this might not be the best location for a window.


8.Hitting A Wall

It may have seemed like a good idea to build this beautiful staircase, but someone forgot to cut a hole in the wall to create a door to walk through. So anyone climbing these stairs ends up staring straight at the wall, in the weirdest dead end they've ever encounter.

9.Upside Down House

Maybe the blueprints were messed up, but somewhere along the way the construction workers had to have noticed that they were building this house upside down. The funny part is that the house seems to be balanced on its roof, and it's a pitch roof, too. Well, at least the basement won't flood.


10.Jagged Railway

It looks like someone was drunk when they were laying this railway. There is no way a train could navigate these tracks and not derail in a big way. It looks as if these workers are trying to rectify the problem, but they better do it quickly before the next train comes barreling through.

11.Face To Face Potty

This would be odd in a private household, but it's even more strange in a public restroom. No matter how close someone is to another person, do they really want to sit face to face when they are taking a poop? Maybe someone with a strange fetish, but not many other people.


12.Door To Nowhere

Where is this door going? Or worse yet, what happens if someone on the other side of this door steps through it. It's a long fall to the bottom. Weirdly constructed room with door to nowhere makes the list as one of the top construction fails ever. Think, McFly, think.


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