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Worst Facebook Ads

Friday, Jul 8, 2022, 7:34 pm


This advert is bad as it just hurts your eyes far too much and you would then have no interest in what it had to say under that horribly garish photograph. When you then add in the fact that the cartoon drawing does appear to show somebody choking to death rather than having a sort throat, then you know that there has to be changes made to a very poor advert.


Ahh nothing else better than a casual bit of sexism. Yes this advert does automatically assume that all mothers love to do some mopping and that at least it is something that they are indeed good at. There is just so much wrong with this advert that you do not really know where to begin, but you can guarantee it did not do their cleaning service any good.


The thing about this advert is that it just does not work well with the website that it is trying to advertise. What is the actual link with textbooks and spatulas? The person behind this advert had to be drunk at the time of writing it, so it would be no surprise if it really did sink without a trace from the very moment it was launched.

4.Social worker again?

Ok so they have used a real child in this photograph, but did they have to choose one where the child is having their head squeezed in this way? If you saw this image would you not be wanting to call social work itself anyway? Once again they need to put some thought into the photograph that they use because they failed with this one.

5.Birth control

The scary thing about this advert is just the fact that it exists. Some would argue that they are promoting sex and being drunk and you just know that it is actually going to be rather popular in its own way. However, at least they used a half decent photograph as it could have been a lot worse than it turned out.

6.Devil child

Ok being a social worker is a good career if you are the caring type of person, but did they have to use a photograph where the child basically looks to be possessed? There are so many children out there that it is a bad idea to use one who is so scary you would run away from being a social worker rather than trying to be one.


This is another example of a bad image with the advert because does she look like she could be an online marketing expert? Surely they cannot have just selected it because it is a nice looking girl holding a computer? Well they probably did.


8.Baby doll

The funny part about this advert is not what they are trying to push to you, but the fact that they have clearly just used a picture of a doll rather than the real thing. Were they unable to find a real baby anywhere? Were they in short supply when they were creating the advert? It just takes so much away from the actual image itself that you cannot imagine actually signing up now.


To get a good advert you need to think about the image that is going to be used. That did not happen with this advert because it was clearly taken in a night club and you just know that the three people there have no interest in being a preschool teacher. At least make the picture fit the advert please!



This advert is bad due to the way that it is all about blowing your own trumpet. The fact that it is advertising the actual official website is bad news as the text is more like something people would do for a fan site where they worship the person in question.


The bad thing about this advert is that it is just so cheesy that it is actually impossible to take it seriously. If you actually said that to somebody, then they would be well within their rights to just slap you hard across the face for being so blatantly stupid and then their friends would also be correct to slap you as well to make sure.



Do you know what is so bad about this advert? The fact that the photograph that has been used is just so creepy looking and the fact that it is going on about getting somebody addicted to you. It looks like they would have used some kind of drug to hook her because surely they would never be together?


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