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Worst Superstitions Around The World

Tuesday, Aug 10, 2021, 6:02 pm

1.Bird poop

If your car or house is pooped on by a bird in Russia, then it means you are going to be lucky. How lucky depends on the number of birds involved, so clearly the owner of this car is going to be very, very lucky by the looks of things as that is not just one bird that has done that.

2.Tucked thumbs

They say that if you are passing a graveyard in Japan, then you need to tuck your thumbs in to protect your parents. The reason as to why this is the case is simply because the Japanese for thumb means parent finger, so by hiding it you are saving them from death.

3.Newborn baby

Centuries ago in England there was the belief that you had to pass a newborn baby through the rind of a particular cheese that the pregnant woman made 9 months earlier and was then eaten when the baby was born. This was supposed to mean that the baby would have a happy life although how it could be happy being passed through cheese is unknown.


If you do have to go to hospital, then make sure you go in on a Wednesday as apparently that is the day that is the luckiest. However, do avoid a Saturday because that is supposed to mean that you will be back in there very soon and if you leave on a Monday it should mean you will be fine.


Apparently if you eat some grapes at midnight to signal a new year in Spain then some good fortune is going to come your way. Quite how this works is unknown because surely it is better to get a kiss rather than to just eat a couple of grapes that can have no bearing whatsoever on whether you are lucky or not.


Have you ever had one of those awkward moments where there is silence? Well there is a superstition that says it means an angel has passed overhead and this is all thanks to Dylan Thomas. However, why it would mean an angel was passing over and why the angel would need silence to do so are questions that as yet remain unanswered.


There is a superstition that if you are wearing a skirt and the bottom turns up, then you are going to be getting a new dress soon. The skirt has to turn up in order to form some kind of a pocket, but quite why that would then translate into something like a new dress is certainly a puzzle.



If you are going somewhere and want some luck, then look out for a goat. The belief here is that it is able to absorb any evil that is going to cross your path, so if you are going on a journey make sure you find one in order to get there safe and sound.


It is believed that if you give gloves as a present and get nothing in return you will both have bad luck for a period of time. Whether this is true or whether it is merely a ploy to ensure you also get a present is unknown, but of course you can always mention it in the hope that you do indeed get a little gift as well.



In Turkey they believe it is bad luck to chew gum at night because in their folklore it actually means you are chewing the flesh of the dead. Quite what they think when you blow a bubble using it and what that means is currently up for debate.


In the 19th century it was believed that if you wanted to have children you must avoid eating lettuce. This was because they thought it was a sterile plant and it would do things to men to stop them from reproducing, but of course it does no such thing.



In England there used to be a superstition that if you carried acorns around with you it would help you to stay looking young. It was believed that they represented longevity, so it does kind of make sense as to why people would then have them in their pocket as often as possible.


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