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Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 4:10 pm

1.Tactical field watch

If you are working as a team, then it makes sense for you to all have a good tactical watch to allow you to sync what you are doing. This version is just one of several out there, but it is robust, is waterproof, and ultimately it keeps the time pretty well, so is there any other need for anything else on your wrist?


It makes perfect sense to use binoculars because they just allow you to see that bit further without having to set up your rifle and get the scope out. These binoculars are perfect for in the field as they can sit nicely in a pocket and will really let you zoom in and check out what the situation ahead of you is actually like.

3.Tactical goggles

Any pair of tactical goggles will be a welcome addition to your kit because it just stops things from irritating your eyes and allowing you to focus on the job in hand. In actual fact you can get a basic type for next to nothing, but the key thing is that you can keep checking for them no matter what the conditions are actually like.

4.Stanley first aid kit

This may seem pretty obvious, but you do need to consider having at least a basic first aid kit in order to deal with any health issues that may pop up. What is contained within it depends on the one you buy, so check the contents as you will need bandages etc in order to help when injury strikes.

5.Streamlight firebox

This is a rechargeable torch that is going to really light everything up due to the power it produces, so you can see why you would want to have this with you especially at night. Ok it may not be the best looking torch, but it does the job it is intended for and that has to be the main thing.

6.Leatherman Multi Tool

This is a seriously cool tool and one that you are going to find to be very useful in your kit thanks to the different tools that are included in it. The beauty of it is that it does not take up too much space in your kit and of course you are going to use it elsewhere as well, but overall this is something you need to buy early on.

7.Opmod Night vision scope

So what happens if things happen at night? How would you deal with it? Well by using a night vision scope of course and this Opmod one is one of the best that money can buy. It will bring night into daylight and allow you to catch them out as early as possible, so it really is an essential piece of kit.


8.Practice target

Knowing that you have the equipment to deal with them is one thing, but actually being able to kill them off is something else, so it makes sense to have a practice target to allow you to work on improving your skills and making a success of it. There are several types available, so take your pick and get practicing.

9.Browning zombie knife

When it comes to dealing with them you need to be sure that you have a quality knife and this one from Browning is certainly one of the best on the market. The knife is compact enough to carry around, but is also deadly at close range, so you can see why it needs to be in a survival kit.


10.Leupold zombie riflescope

In order to shoot them you are going to need a good riflescope in order to really home in on them in order to increase your chances of making that successful kill. This one from Leupold is certainly one of the best out there, so it may be expensive, but it is going to be seriously worth it.

11.Zombie Max Ammo

What is a kit without ammo? You have to admit that these rounds are going to be pretty impressive to use, but then they need to be when you are dealing with a zombie. At least there are options available when it comes to the ammo, but in all honesty you should have a selection just to be sure.


12.Zombie stopper scope

Of course the idea here is to be able to spot them as early as possible as that will give you more time to work out what you are going to do and to then react accordingly. This scope is pretty straightforward to use and without it you really do not have the best zombie apocalypse kit available.


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