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Future Technology Predictions Which Will Amaze You

Friday, Jul 15, 2022, 8:30 am

1.Operations within our body

It is expected that within 40 years there will be tiny robots that will be capable of performing various medical procedures inside our body. They will be injected or implanted via a miniscule operation and then they will get to work. This will aid recovery time and of course there will be no scars left.

2.Digital data

See all of those MP3's you have? Well it is anticipated that they will become redundant and instead we will have all of that information zapped right into our brains. This is actually quite a scary concept when you stop and think about it, but it is believed we will then just remember them via our very own on-board computer.

3.Stomach chips

In decades to come it is believed that it is going to become a lot easier to lose weight. What is expected to happen is that we will have specific stomach chips implanted into our body and that is going to help us to lose weight by keeping track of our diet.

4.Clever thermostat

Going into a room and feeling it is cold and not to your liking will be a thing of the past. Instead, clever thermostats will recognize that it is you and will alter the temperature to exactly your liking from the very minute that you walk into the room. Gone are the days of being cold.

5.Green lawns

If you have a lawn, then you will probably want it to look lush and green, but there is often a problem when it comes to trying to fertilize it. However, that will be a thing of the past because there will be sensors put into the lawn that will then alert you to the parts that need some work resulting in a perfectly green and even surface.

6.Getting groceries

Do you go to the shops and forget what is in your refrigerator and end up buying stuff you do not actually need? Well the future refrigerators will actually end up placing your grocery order for you and of course it will the be delivered, so you will have to do absolutely nothing at all.

7.Robot nurses

It is anticipated the nurses in the future will be robots. They will be able to react according to hand movements and will do everything from administering drugs to lifting patients, dealing with their demands, and generally caring for them.


8.Bridges repairing things

How about this for a cool concept? It is expected that bridges are going to be able to repair holes in the surface themselves in the future due to what is basically smart cement. How is this possible? Researchers have already started to create self-healing concrete that mends itself without us doing anything.

9.Predicting traffic jams

It is anticipated that technology in traffic systems will be able to predict jams before they happen and then take appropriate action to ensure that they do not occur. Imagine how much time will be saved if this does indeed happen when you are able to get into work without any problems whatsoever.


10.Medical help that matches you personally

Medicine is going to be unbelievable in the future because medication, and other treatment, that you get is going to end up being tailor made to suit your very own DNA. The idea of this is that it can get right to the source of the problem and you should have no problems in taking anything, so we will all get better quicker.

11.Phones that monitor you

Smartphones are apparently going to get even smarter still in the future as they will be able to monitor our health even while we sleep. They will be able to detect normal behavior, including breathing, and when there is some kind of a change it will set off an alarm and call for help. Just imagine how many lives this could potentially save in a year.


12.Cities that correct themselves

You have heard of smartphones? Well how about smart cities. Different points in the city will be able to accumulate data and then adapt to suit our needs. If there are a lot of people waiting for a train, then it could alter the timetable. If there is a lot of rubbish building up at locations, then it could alert the correct people to come and clean it up. The possibilities really are endless.


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