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15 Funniest Tweets About Single Life

Wednesday, Aug 11, 2021, 5:20 pm

Being single has its own goods and bads. Some people are happy being single and alone, while others find it lonely and depressing to lead a single life. For some, getting into relationship is as easy as putting on a tee-shirt, while there are folks who try for years without any luck. Here are fifteen funny tweets about single life that make everyone laugh.
1.Endless Dreaming

This tweet perfectly sums up what some single or newly single people keep thinking for whole day. They just can't stop dreaming about having a man or woman in their arms. You can't even imagine what runs in the minds of people who call themselves 'forever alone'. 

Endless Dreaming-15 Funniest Tweets About Single Life

2.This Funny 'I'm Single' Announcement

If you don't yet know this twitter handle 'Pakalu Papito', we suggest you to check it soon. You are sure to find some extremely funny tweets and anti-jokes on being single or being ugly. Coming back to this tweet, this guy has dropped an awesome single life tweet on us.

This Funny 'I'm Single' Announcement-15 Funniest Tweets About Single Life

3.At least You are There for Yourself

Single life can be frustrating. It will be more frustrating to those who keep trying to find a partner, but fail every time. Some people get so frustrated they give up their girlfriend/boyfriend hunt, and start loving themselves. When there's no one to love you, at least you have to love yourself!

At least You are There for Yourself-15 Funniest Tweets About Single Life

4.She is Single Because She is Awkward

Check this tweet to understand why most single people remain single! She sounds completely weird. We are sure there are still men out there who may like this girl for her weirdness. Even then, she may not respond to them properly because she strongly believes she is weird! Nevertheless, her immunity towards bats is interesting!

She is Single Because She is Awkward-15 Funniest Tweets About Single Life

5.This Hilarious Tweet

This is yet another funny tweet about singles that make you laugh. The person there jokingly said he too had two night stands. We all know what night stands he has been talking about! Singles who are sarcastic and have good sense of humor never fail to entertain us.

This Hilarious Tweet-15 Funniest Tweets About Single Life

6.Single People's Problem

Behavioral factors such as shyness, social anxiety, depression etc are main reasons why people remain single. Let's not talk about introverts here, as introverts love being single and alone. This tweet neatly concludes why some people are single. They keep complaining about not having a partner. When someone knocks their door, they feel they are better being single.

Single People's Problem-15 Funniest Tweets About Single Life

7.Pizza and Single People are Always Connected

As we said earlier, being single is not all that bad, considering the fact you can just do anything. Most of us love pizzas. Some of us are so extreme that we even hate sharing a piece from our pizza with our friends. If you are single, and if you are a pizza lover, you better marry a pizza!

Pizza and Single People are Always Connected-15 Funniest Tweets About Single Life


8.A Calendar Has Dates

That moment when you realize your calendar too had and has many dates, but not you! This funny anti-joke tweet once again shows us how desperate people can be if they remain single for a long time. People who don't have a girlfriend/boyfriend, or who don't go on dates, keep finding many things better than them!

A Calendar Has Dates-15 Funniest Tweets About Single Life

9.The Actual Problem

Most single people are single because they are shy or extremely nervous about making friends or talking to new people. As we said earlier, behavioral issues are the main reason why many people stay single. Unfortunately, even if they attempt to speak to someone they find cute; they are only going to mess it up most of the times because of their awkward behavior.

The Actual Problem-15 Funniest Tweets About Single Life


10.When Even your Dog Rejects You

Why singles find it very hard to get a partner? It's because they take too much time to find a potential partner. Even if they find someone, they are most likely delay in talking to them because they feel shy or anxious around them. When they finally get the courage to speak out, their crush may sweetly reject them.

When Even your Dog Rejects You-15 Funniest Tweets About Single Life

11.Advantages of Being Single

Some people are very happy about being single. It's not that bad at all. Being single lets you to make your own decisions, and live your own life, without needing others to intervene. This hilarious tweet just shows you some of the privileges single people enjoy! Not just farting, she can do anything she wants!

Advantages of Being Single-15 Funniest Tweets About Single Life

12.Consistency is Key

Only two years? We have many 30 year olds who are single for more than ten years. Now talk about consistency! Unfortunately, some of them feel very bad for letting that happen to them while others feel good about it. You are what your brain thinks you are. If you keep your brain constantly thinking you can't get into a relationship, you are never going to find a right partner.

Consistency is Key-15 Funniest Tweets About Single Life

13.This is an Excellent Idea

If you are struggling to find a partner, you better take this girl as an inspiration, and if you too can recycle and import some of your old boyfriends/girlfriends back into your life. You can save money, time and efforts! Sorry for the disappointment, this may not work for you if you never had a girlfriend or boyfriend before.

This is an Excellent Idea-15 Funniest Tweets About Single Life

14.Overexcitement is Hard to Control

Sometimes over-excitement or over-enthusiasm kills chances of singles more than shyness. You are not going to get partners if you are too slow or too fast in your approach. You have to be balanced. As you can read from the picture, someone at least had a date!

Overexcitement is Hard to Control-15 Funniest Tweets About Single Life

15.This Dilemma

Most of us face this situation at one point of our lives. We have that guy or girl talking and hanging out with us, but can't really tell whether they are into us or not. It's a tough situation, and it really confuses us whether or not to take a step forward. 

This Dilemma-15 Funniest Tweets About Single Life


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