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15 Lies Girls Tell To Boys

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 6:35 pm

Your entire life will be a lie if you ever believe girls don't lie! Girls do lie even to their partners, no matter how great the relationship is. It's not like only girls lie! Even men lie. From sweet little lies to lies that can break your heart, here are fifteen lies girls usually tell to boys.
4.I Got this on Sale

She will tell you that she has bought things that are on sale! You will realize its only a lie until you the see the credit card bill at the end of month. However, girls don't tell other girls around that they have bought discounted stuff!

I Got this on Sale-15 Lies Girls Tell To Boys

5.He's Just a Friend

If ever there comes a situation where a women needs to answer a partner's or other people's question of 'who is that guy', she will most probably answer it like 'he is just a friend'. In fact, most of the times, this is a lie, and he is more than just a friend!

He's Just a Friend-15 Lies Girls Tell To Boys

6.You are the Best Guy Ever

It's a lie! You are not the best guy most of the times! Even if you are told you are the best guy, you still may not be the best guy! No one can ever read or understand a woman completely! Every girl will have an inside world, and no one really knows who's the king of it!

You are the Best Guy Ever-15 Lies Girls Tell To Boys

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