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Benefits Of Not Getting Married

Thursday, Jul 14, 2022, 6:12 pm

1.Mid-Night Snacks

Mid-Night snacks take on a whole new dimension when you live alone. There is no one there to wiggle their eyebrow's at you or tell you that you have a big butt!


When you don't have a permanent partner the TV remote becomes your sole property. What could be better than that?

3.You Get Spoiled Rotten!

When you are single you have more choice and more people vying for your attention. Always make sure to demand diamonds!

4.Be A Cowboy

Being unmarried means you can dress anyway you want, whenever you want! Even secretly at home, where no-one is watching!

5.You Get To Stay sexy

Not being married means you get to keep your figure longer. Since most married people are generally forced to keep regular meal times, plus eat things they probably would not have on their own. Like home baked pie and mash.

6.Hiding Money

Not having a life partner means your finances can remain private. Which translates into saving or spending as much as you want.

7.Evil Step-Mother

You will never be seen as the evil step-mother. Many people these days come with packages like kids or ailing parents, if you are single you don't have to put up with that.


8.Less Domesticity

Not having a ring on your finger means less domestic chores. After all, who will notice if the bath has not been cleaned for a week, the bed not made for a month and there is dust all over the TV? You can be spending time having fun or relaxing instead. There will be no one judging your housework skills.


Not having the ball and chain around your ankle means that you can decorate your bedroom or home any which way you like! So if it is bright pinks for females or for men biker handle bars on the walls, you can go for it!


10.Shopping Is Great!

Not being married means life is all about you. That includes buying yourself nice things, as often as you like, when you like with no explanation.

11.No Annoying In-laws

Not being in a committed relationship, as in married, means you need not put up with annoying in-laws. This means you are free from judgemental comments, snide remarks and family obligations.


12.Great Career

Not being married to someone frees you up to follow a great career. Your time is your own, both on a daily level as well as more extended levels. If you need to travel internationally or nationally there will be no one holding you back.


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