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Best Vindictive Girls Meme

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 6:41 pm

1.Better let her choose

Do you know the best solution if this is ever said to you? Let her choose and insist on it because no matter where you settle on going there is a good chance that it will not be good enough and you will never hear the end of it. Is it worth taking that risk?

2.They chat all of the time

This is basically a confession that any time they do talk that you are one of the prime subjects. This does of course then put so many doubts into your mind as to what is being said and the chance of you becoming paranoid are going to increase by the minute.

3.She is furious

This is a line where you just know that she is saying it in order to make you feel a bit better, but deep inside you know that she is just biding her time in order to get back at you. It is pretty obvious that inside she is seething and you better watch your back.

4.She bought the shop

The problem with this one is that most guys will instantly see through it and know that there was more chance of George W Bush winning a prize for being an eloquent speaker than it being true. It does of course mean that she has probably bought the entire shop.

5.It means it's small

If this is ever said to you, then for a few moments you will feel so much better about yourself and think that you are indeed a good size. However, after that you will be hit with niggling doubts as to how much you should believe her and will question your size to the extent of becoming obsessed by it all.

6.It's not a real compliment

If your girlfriend turns to you and says this, then she is probably just trying to give that fragile male ego a bit of a rub. In actual fact you may not even be in the top 5, but for a fleeting moment you believe her and that is all that matters.

7.Friends doesn't work

Come on only stupid guys would end up falling for this one. If she says he is just a friend, but her tongue is half way down his throat, then perhaps there is a bit more to it than just that. You need to read the signals the correct way in order to get to the actual truth.


8.Only if you are poor

You can believer her if she says this and you are poor because at least then you know for sure that it is not about your money. However, anything else and it is all lies because she is looking at that next big present that you are going to buy her.

9.Don't fall for it!!

Now remember, if she says this, then what she actually means is that you need to go and get her the best and biggest present that she has ever seen and nothing else will do. If you think that you are off the hook and should not bother, then think again.


10.Don't believe it!!

Well guys if this is ever said to you it is important that you do not believe it because she might have said it, but she does not mean a single word. You have to remember to read the opposite to what is being said in order to find out what she really means.


Well if this happened then the guy may very well be in for a major surprise in 9 months time when he suddenly becomes a daddy. Hey maybe he should just not trust what she says?


12.Yeah ok 5 minutes

Well every guy out there knows that when she says she will be ready in 5 minutes that you do not start the clock until at least 2 hours later. This is just a blatant lie and is a stalling tactic that is used by women around the world.


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