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15 Times Cheaters Got Owned By Their Partners

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 1:26 pm

Cheating is no fun. It breaks the heart of other person involved and shatters their feelings. People who get cheated find it so difficult to cope up with the pain that they actually come up with revenge plots! Taking revenge on people isn't a good idea always, but it is one sure way to get over a cheating ex. Here are 15 images that show how cheaters got owned!
4.Shaming Boyfriend Publicly on His Car

Well, this picture tells the story clearly! Dave has cheated on his wife, and his wife shamed him, making his cheating story public by writing that on his car. It looks like he parked his car somewhere near his workplace. Now all of his work buddies know what he has done to his wife. What freaks out Dave more is that he is broke now because his wife cleaned out their bank account!

Shaming Boyfriend Publicly on His Car-15 Times Cheaters Got Owned By Their Partners

5.Why is this on Craigslist?

She should have posted this on Facebook or Twitter than in Craigslist! She seems to be really angry with her husband! We hope her purpose behind posting this news in Craigslist is served! She sound very innocent, and hope she gets over her cheating husband very soon.

Why is this on Craigslist?-15 Times Cheaters Got Owned By Their Partners

6.He is Angry

The man who made this poster seems to be very angry with his cheating girlfriend. He made a lost dog flyer with her name, photo and even the name of the guy she was caught making love to. Most people will find this funny, but some sympathize with this heartbroken man.

He is Angry-15 Times Cheaters Got Owned By Their Partners

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