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Most Priceless Moments In A Person's Life

Friday, Aug 13, 2021, 7:42 pm

1.Watching The Sunset On A Warm Night

There is nothing quite like watching a brilliant sunset on a warm, balmy night. The cool breeze through your hair, the sky lit up with orange and red, and the tranquil feeling that comes over your whole body. If you can share it with someone you love, even better. it's priceless.

2.The First Snow

That first snow storm is just magical. Frosty the Snowman knew it. He was made from it and there is really something to that story. As you watch it come down and cover the ground white it fills you with a cozy and warm feeling, no matter how cold it is outside.

3.Taking Shoes Off After A Long Day

After a long day in a pair of shoes, nothing feels better than removing those shoes and wiggling your little toes. It doesn't have to be high heels or uncomfortable shoes either. Any shoe, after wearing it for a prolonged period of time feels amazing when removed.

4.Your Own Bed After A Long Trip

A bed is a bed is a bed. No way. Everyone wants to be in their own bed, and after a long trip, even to most luxurious places, your own bed feels like home. There's something about laying down in your own bed that fills you with peace and tranquility and you never sleep better than when you lay head down on your own pillow for the first time in a while.

5.Hugging Someone You Haven't Seen In A Long Time

Being taken into the arms of someone you haven't see in a while is the best feeling on earth. You forgot how good they felt in your arms until you rush up to them and grab them. Maybe they're overseas, or in another state, but seeing them again brings back all those happy feelings.

6.Being Called "Mama" For The First Time

When you baby says "mama" for the first time you will always remember it. This baby made you a mother and when they say it, it all becomes real. You've waited and waited for that day and it finally arrived, but be careful what you wish for when all you hear is "mama, mommy, mom," all day.

7.Having A Baby

When you look at your new baby for the first time there is nothing on this earth that can prepare you. It is instant love, a greater love than you have ever felt. This is one of those moments that will change you forever. This is your first child, a being you created.


8.Getting Pregnant

When a new life begins inside you there is nothing like it on this earth. You have created a human being and you are its life force for the next nine months. All the changes you go through are priceless and something that you will cherish forever. Takes lots of pictures.

9.Getting Married

The day you put on that white dress you feel like a princess. It is one of the most priceless moments in any woman's life. All eyes are on you as you walk down the aisle to meet with the love of your life. When you look into his eyes a new life begins and that moment will be forever etched in your mind.


10.Getting Engaged

When your lover gets on one knee and proposed marriage, you will be on cloud nine. It is a very important and precious moment in anyone's life. You are agreeing to spend the rest of your life with this person, to care about them in good times and bad, and to be by their side for wherever life takes you.

11.Falling In Love

Falling in love for the first time is something that you will never forget. Falling in love at any time is an amazing time. The world seems non-existent as they are the only person you see, your heart flutters, butterflies dance in your stomach and their touch feels electric.


12.First Kiss

You will always remember that first kiss. You'll remember what you were wearing, what they were were wearing, what song was playing, the scents in the air and the sound of the crickets or the birds. It is a monumental time in anyone's life that is always recalled with great affection.


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