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Pics Of People Getting Married In McDonalds

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 11:15 am

1.Not impressed?

Of course it is impossible to impress everybody with this idea and you get the feeling that these two guys kind of fall into that category. They look a bit glum, so maybe it was not as good an idea as they thought it would be.

2.The relaxed party

Obviously having the party in McDonalds is going to be cheaper in a number of ways. You only have to think about a burger for everybody as opposed to hiring a big room, entertainment, and a whole host of other things, so perhaps use some of that saved money to get them ice cream?

3.A wedding party?

This is just another example of how big this wedding in McDonalds thing can be in parts of the world because look at the show that they are putting on here. Part of you will probably be quite cynical and say it is a marketing ploy and there is a good chance that you are right.

4.The party

Well this is what the party looks like when you are having it in McDonalds and in all honesty does it not look as if it is going pretty well? Everybody at least looks happy and that has to be the main thing.

5.Over the top?

You have to remember that in parts of Asia it is red that they wear at weddings rather than white. This does appear to tie in perfectly with the red in the McDonalds sign, so perhaps it was all meant to be and they had to get married there?

6.Aww so sweet

Well what this married couple are trying to do is to make sure that they are sweeter than the ice cream that also appears in the shot. Have they succeeded with it? Maybe not because you know how sweet that can be.

7.The happy burger fans

The question here is whether they are happy about the wedding or happier about the burger that is just waiting inside? If the wedding has dragged on they are bound to be hungry, so it is probably going to be the latter and they will be desperate for this snapshot to be over.



Well this is one talented wedding photographer, but then he was faced with the task of making eating a burger look all romantic. Did it work? Maybe not, but hey it was worth a shot anyway.

9.Say cheeeesseeee burger

The one thing you hope with this is that they at least told McDonalds in advance because that would get a bit awkward if they suddenly turned up like this? Erm that will be 100 burgers please and 25 happy meals.


10.This looks posh

Of course in Japan they have to do things a bit different when it comes to weddings in McDonalds as this shows. It just looks far too fun and it comes across as if this is an everyday event, but then maybe it is?

11.The happy couple

This couple made a point of trying to be a bit different and getting all of the catering done for their wedding at McDonalds. The kids there would have been over the moon, but would Great Auntie Jane be willing to have a burger?


12.Get a Big Mac

Well at least this couple do appear to be having a good time in McDonalds and at least they have got into the spirit of things with those socks. It is their day, so if they want to get married in a fast food place, then good luck to them.


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