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Quirky Ways To Make Money

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 4:00 pm

1.Rent yourself

Rent yourself out for various tasks that take advantage of any quirks that you may have as a person. If you are small, then focus on that, but if you are normal, then how about renting out part of your body as some kind of advertising medium. One guy sold his t-shirt space on a daily basis and made over $60,000 so it does work.

2.Sell yourself

A guy has actually sold shares in himself and now a group of people make his decisions for him including some major things such as having a vasectomy. This is certainly a quirky way of making some money and it is not something that a lot of people would want to do, but it is certainly different and he did make $100,000 even if it does now control his life.

3.Your virginity

OK you can only do this once, but there have been people out there that have gone ahead and sold their virginity to the highest bidder. People have actually made thousands out of doing this, but it is clearly something that is very personal and will not be something that everybody would want to do. However, if it is not that important to you, then by all means give it a go.


If you have long hair that you are proud of, and it is in a good condition, then you can sell it for money. The best hair is going to be natural and not full of colorants as it is going to be used for hair pieces, so they only want the best of the best. How much you get depends on so many different factors, but you could easily make a couple of hundred dollars just by getting your hair cut.

5.Used panties

The used panties market is something that has certainly grown in recent years with some guys just wanting to buy panties that have been worn by a woman that they are attracted to. How much they sell for does vary between people, but it is quite surprising to see some of the rates being thrown around for just a single pair of panties. Yes it is a fetish, but if it is a fetish that can involve you making money, then perhaps it is not so bad.

6.Pooper scooper

If you have a strong stomach, then you can actually have a business where you pick up animal poop either in the street or in the yard of the owner. OK this is not the nicest of ways to earn money, but there are people out there making a half-decent living by doing this very thing, so if all else fails at least there will always be a supply to keep you going.

7.Game tutor

If you love playing games and are very good at them, then why not hire yourself out as a professional game tutor to those people that are struggling and wish to improve their skills? The best part is you can sit at home and do it, then the money can be invested in buying new games for you to then improve your own skills and earn more cash as a result.


8.A cuddler

Believe it or not, but there are people out there that earn money by basically being a professional cuddler. Some of them can make over $100 a day doing this, but you need to be quite comfortable about hugging strangers as this is clearly a strange career path to take, but it does mean you can earn some cash in a very strange and peculiar way.

9.Sperm donor

If you are a guy, then being a sperm donor is certainly a quirky way to make money if you can get over the initial embarrassment that you will inevitably feel when entering that clinic. How much you earn will depend on the individual clinic, but you are helping others fulfill their dreams by donating even if you feel a bit sheepish in doing so.


10.Medical tests

If you are brave and do not mind being a human guinea pig, then signing up to medical tests is certainly a quirky way to go and make some money. There are of course going to be some nerves doing this, but the drugs have already been tested before this point, so you will be absolutely fine unless you are extremely lucky. How much you earn varies from test to test.

11.Online jobs

There are sites out there, such as Amazon Mechanical Turk, where you are paid some money in order to go ahead and carry out certain tasks. These tasks will take a few minutes, or sometimes just a few seconds, to complete and you can easily build up some spare change that you could then put to good use.


12.Make things

If you are good with your hands and creative in any way whatsoever, then put that to good use and make something that you can then sell. There are so many options out there as there is a market for just about everything, but you do need to do some research first in order to determine who you can sell things to and how much money you could potentially make.


If you have a spare parking spot that is not being used and you live in an area where parking is restricted, then hiring it out for money is a great way to make some cash. How much you make depends on where you are located, but there is no reason why you cannot get some spare change by just allowing somebody else to park there on a regular basis.

14.Scrap metal

Collecting scrap metal that has been discarded and then selling it for scrap is something that is quite common, but you do often need quite a lot in order to make some pretty decent cash. The best way is to be clever and think about old things being discarded, such as old vehicles, and how you can then make a profit by selling it for the scrap metal.

15.Sell body parts

If you are seriously short of cash, then how about selling different body parts in order to get some extra money? If you are healthy, then you may not be able to sell organs, but plasma, your hair, and even breast milk for women can all be worth money. In actual fact some plasma can be worth over $35 a bag and you can do it twice a week, so there is some useful money in your body.


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