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Relationships Destroyed By The Internet

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 12:41 pm


porn on the Internet has caused hundreds of thousands of relationships to come to an end. Quite simply there are a lot of people out there that are addicted to it leading to all kinds of issues within the home. The guy, and it is usually the guy, ends up with a twisted impression of the relationship and sex and they are unable to see that there is a problem. If your guy keeps looking at it, then there may be trouble ahead.

2.No chance to reconcile

The problem with the Internet is that it can also make it harder to reconcile with one another. There are numerous examples of relationships where the couple decide to take a break from one another, but then one jumps right online and starts messing around. They then put it on their social networking profiles and ruin any chance they had to get back with their ex.

3.100 other women

Surely the alarm bells must ring if somebody is talking to over 100 women online? The guy claimed that he was a sex addict, but he was having cyber sex as well as sexting while almost completely ignoring his wife. Of course with so many women on the go at any given time it is no surprise that they ended up splitting up.

4.Long term thing

A woman in the US discovered that her husband of 10 years had been having a series of online relationships for half of their entire marriage. He had spent time with countless women, meeting them, sleeping with them, and by the end of it he even left his wife and kids to go and be with somebody else. She had no idea it was going on at any point.

5.Rich, but dumped

Michael Chopra was a professional soccer player in the UK and earned millions in his career. However, he ended up getting divorced with his wife announcing it on the Internet. She posted a few things on Facebook and announced to the world in a very public way that it was over leaving him shell shocked.

6.A virtual divorce

Imagine divorcing your wife online in a virtual game. You may not think that it is a big deal, but for a Japanese woman it was a step too far. She then ended up hacking into his account and killing off his character as revenge, but she now faces some time in jail due to her actions.

7.Acid attack

The problem with online is you never know for sure who you are dealing with. In the case of Awais Akram he ended up chatting to a woman who was actually married. Her husband found out, tracked him down, and covered him in sulphuric acid as revenge.


8.A fatal change of status

Imagine announcing you are no longer in a relationship by changing your status to single. It is quite a public way to do things, but then for Edward Richardson it actually triggered an insane response. It led to him murdering his ex-wife simply because of her changing that status.


Yes the Internet has indeed led to murder as was the case with Joseph Richardson. Basically, he ended up killing his wife, they had been married for 35 years, because she had been chatting to another guy online and there was a chance she would leave him.


10.But its only virtual?

Those virtual reality games are of course very popular, but one couple ended up getting divorced simply because the husband was caught having sex with a virtual pr0stitute on this game. His real life wife could not take it any longer and the result was she divorced him.

11.Cheating heart

Simon Oldham is a stupid man in more ways than one. First, he decides that he is going to cheat on his wife and he thinks that the Internet is the best way to do this. Next, he flirts with a young 21 year old online and gets all frisky and everything with her. The problem? That 21 year old is actually his wife who got suspicious and started to do her own investigations.



There are a number of stories about bigamists being caught out on Facebook and one such example is John France. His wife saw images of him getting married to another woman on the social networking website leading to her getting a divorce as a result.


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