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15 Dating Advices: What Not To Do On Your First Date

Thursday, Aug 12, 2021, 4:28 pm

A first date is always going to be a challenging thing. Dates usually don't go well unless people plan it well. Unfortunately, A date can still go terribly wrong even after all the great planning. The first date is a critical moment, and it is undoubtedly the foundation stone for a long relationship ahead. If you particularly see your date partner as a future boyfriend/girlfriend, you need to take extra care to make the first date a success. Everyone around will tell you what to do on a first date. So, let us tell you what not to do on a first date! Check these fifteen things that you should never do on a first date! 
4.Bad topics

Even if you love them never bring up either religion or politics on a first date as this is far too heavy for what is supposed to be quite a casual affair. People have a tendency to get quite hot under the collar with either of these topics, so avoid them unless you deliberately want to ruin the evening and create a tension in the air. Instead, stick to easy subjects where opinions really do not count for that much and you will find that the evening will be a lot better than you had initially hoped.

Bad topics-15 Dating Advices: What Not To Do On Your First Date


Imagine how bad this would be for your date if you turn up smelling like a skunk? You need to be well groomed in order to make that good first impression or you are destroying your chances before you have even started. Women like a guy to be well turned out, so turning up with your hair a mess and those armpits giving off a stench is a major faux pas on your part.

Smell-15 Dating Advices: What Not To Do On Your First Date

6.Bring a friend

This is seriously uncool. It is supposed to be a date with just her or him, so bringing along a friend for some kind of moral support leading to her/him being outnumbered is not going to get you anywhere. Instead, be brave and deal with it yourself and you will find that the date is going to go a lot better than you hoped.

Bring a friend-15 Dating Advices: What Not To Do On Your First Date

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