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12 Ways To Tell If Your Partner Is Cheating On You

Saturday, Aug 14, 2021, 4:04 pm

First of all, I really wish you never get cheated in a relationship. This article is not meant to make you feel insecure in any way. Although cheaters are very few, You may be surprised to know the person you trusted all your life was actually cheating on you the entire time. So how can one find out if their partner is cheating on them? Well, There are many pointers you must not ignore which are listed down below. Again, I'm not trying to scare you or make you feel insecure; This article is for all the people out there who are unsure if their partner is cheating on them.

Cheaters are often quite moody and they could blow up at the smallest of things that most people would see as being completely innocent. The reasons as to why they could do this are twofold. Perhaps they are guilty at what they are doing, or perhaps they are trying to provoke you into ending the relationship?


The cheater could start to drop some hints about the state of your relationship. They may drop hints that they feel as if the relationship is just not working or perhaps they will question you as to what would happen if you split up. Take them as a hint and find out what is really behind them.

3.Liar pants on fire

The cheater is often caught out with a lie and they also start to get quite annoyed when you are asking them questions about their activities and what they are up to. You may also find that their answers are rather vague and a serious lack of detail and this alone should give you cause for concern.

4.Book in advance

They get annoyed if you suddenly turn up on them unannounced. They will also hate the fact that you have disrupted their routine and state that they are unable to change it. This lack of flexibility should certainly start to make you ask questions.

5.Strange purchases

Receipts will show that they have started to make some rather unusual purchases. This may include eating out a bit more often or they could be buying things that you know they do not like and they are certainly not something that you have ever seen around the house either.

6.Strange hobbies

The cheater will often start new or strange hobbies or interest completely out of the blue including ones that they have never had any interest in before. You may also notice that their routine has changed a bit as well because when somebody is in love they do tend to take a lot of notice in the interests of the other person.

7.Weird friends

The cheating partners friends start to act a bit weird around you. Some of them may even start to not even hang around like they used to do. Sure there could be a logical explanation for that type of behavior, but you do have to question what has changed so quickly.


8.Sniff test

He or she starts to smell differently. This may be a change in their cologne or they have a smell that has to be attributed to another human and it is one that you are starting to pick up on a regular basis. So then go ahead and find out what is different.

9.Give away

He or she will start to talk about an individual a lot more than they normally do. In some occasions they will pretend that they do not like them and indeed will go over the top with their apparent criticism and this is merely to try to throw you off the track and the fact that they do actually like them.


10.Dodgy cell phone habits

Does your partner have a habit of answering their phone by going out of the room or when they think that they are alone? Sure there are some occasions where this can be completely innocent, but when it goes on repeatedly then you have to wonder if they have something to hide.

11.Multiple email accounts

It should really be a concern to you if you discover that your partner has a number of different email accounts and each one has a different password. Why would they do this? Clearly having a work one and a personal one is fine, but do they need multiple personal emails? This has to be seen as suspicious activity on their part.

12.No messages

When a partner cheats they ensure that their message box is empty. This also extends to their mailbox and it is clearly because they feel as if they need to remove certain pieces of evidence. However, this is only a concern to you if you know they are never off their phone.


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