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Worst Date Ideas

Monday, Jul 11, 2022, 7:42 pm

1.Religious Events

You might be totally happy in your spiritual choices, but that doesn't mean you need to share them on a first date. That includes inviting people to weddings, [email protected] or any other ritual that is going on in your life. First dates should be fun, relaxed and quiet enough for no distractions.

2.The Sushi Bar

So, you love sushi so everybody does right? Wrong! Not everyone loves sushi and as you wave that bit of raw fish about trying to convince her she might climb out of the bathroom window and run away, hungry.

3.The New Popular Spot

So you think taking your date to an opening of a popular spot in town is a great idea? Think again. The crowds the noise, the people bashing into each other it is enough to give anyone social anxiety. Rather save that spot for another night.

4.Superman Convention

Any convention is a bad idea, whether it be superman or people for saving whales remember that this is a very personal reflection on who you are. First daters might not be comfortable nor ready for it.

5.The Movies

It may seem innocuous enough, but really? How are you supposed to get to know one another when you are both lost in another world. Plus, there is the added stress of which movie to watch not to mention the crunching of pop-corn.

6.The Nude Beach

The beach overall might be a bad first date idea because not all women feel comfortable being half naked on a first date. To take her to your new found nudist beach would be a definite worst date idea. Not only is she subject to other peoples naked bodies but yours too! Ugh!

7.The Sleep Over

Let's face it you are both strangers why would you stay the night? It could be very unsafe for either party. Rather decline a sleepover date. Remember too that some daters are looking for life partners and some are looking for casual sex. Decide what you are looking for too.


8.The Reunion

Family reunion, class reunion, any reunion is forbidden for first dates. Even if she or he is totally hot and you want to show them off. First dates need time to spend together in neutral ground. This is how we get to know people.

9.The Family Gathering

If you would like to terrify your first date ask them over to have lunch with the family. Remember first dates are about getting to know one another and spent time chatting. How can you do that with mother, father and the rest of the clan watching over your shoulder?


10.Out With Friends

If you have just met someone they are bound to feel a little awkward around you at first. Imagine pulling in more strangers to increase the awkward factor? Plus, your friends might be judging him or her making them feel even more uncomfortable.


It might seem like a relaxed upbeat place to be and a great first date. Don't go there. It is noisy, impersonal and how are you supposed to get to know the person you are with? Imagine all those sweaty bodies the noise and loud music. Epic fail!


12.Your Place

If someone asks you on a first date and it is to their place or even worse they want to come to your place, run for the hills. This person couldn't be bothered basically, doesn't want to spend a dime on you and probably just wants sex.

13.A Bar

Taking someone to a bar for a date says a lot about the asker. They have no imagination and they possibly drink too much. Bars are centered around booze mostly. When you ask your date out you need to make them actually want to come to the venue. A Chill lounge might be more interesting than a bar.


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