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15 Weird Things That Can Happen Only In Japan

Sunday, Jan 3, 2021, 7:08 pm

If you think only Japanese game shows are weird, you are wrong. There are many things about Japan that are strange. The East Asian country has a distinct and unique culture that you don't usually find in other Asian countries. They have weird and unusual festivals. The food is different as well. Check out these fifteen pictures that show some weird and strange things happening in Japan.
7.This Love towards Cicadas

She is Shoko Nakagawa, a famous TV personality in Japan. She has this weird love towards cicadas (jarflies). 

This Love towards Cicadas-15 Weird Things That Can Happen Only In Japan

8.Japanese Square Watermelons

Japanese are pretty good at bending nature! You can find square watermelons mostly in Japan, although they are uncommon in some other parts of the world.

Japanese Square Watermelons-15 Weird Things That Can Happen Only In Japan

9.Japan's Annual Penis Festival

People walk on streets parading a giant pink colored phallic statue to celebrate 'Kanamara Matsuri'.  The legend being that a sharp-toothed demon hid inside the vagina of a woman and castrated penises of her partners. A blacksmith then created an iron phallus, which broke the demon's teeth. Since then, some sects of Japanese people celebrate the death of demon by parading a giant steel phallus.

Japan's Annual Penis Festival-15 Weird Things That Can Happen Only In Japan

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