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Animals You Won't Believe Are Real

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 4:29 pm

1.Saiga antelope

You have to admit that this little guy is very, very strange looking, but it is all because of that nose. It looks like it has been put on for a joke, but it is very real and you have to say that you forget what the rest of him looks like just because of that part of his face.

2.Giant isopod

If this does not look freaky enough for you, then perhaps the fact that some people keep them as pets is going to just be the icing on that particular cake. It looks horrible and you wonder what could ever attract somebody to having one beside them?

3.Burmese Peacock turtle

OK so a turtle on its own is nothing special, but this guy is slightly different to every other turtle that you will have ever heard of in your life. Why is it different? Simply because it pees through its mouth. Yep you read it right, this guy pees out of his own mouth!!

4.The maggot

Ok we will have all seen a maggot, but this image is going to give you a different perspective on it because it looks more like some strange character for a bad and cheaply made kids movie. Those two teeth like things are quite comical and the eyes surely have to be fake?

5.Maned wolf

You would be forgiven for thinking that the legs on this animal have been altered with Photoshop, but that is certainly not the case. Instead, they are actually that long and this animal does indeed exist, but it just looks as if it is all out of proportion with the rest of the body?


Nope this photograph is indeed real and what you have here is a cross between a zebra and a horse. You have to admit that this is a pretty strange combination and it does produce something that certainly looks a bit different as it appears as if somebody has washed some of the stripes off by accident.

7.Satanic leaf tailed gecko

This is another animal that you have to say is very well named. Those eyes are seriously freaky and it does look rather menacing and evil when it sits there looking back at you. This has to be a lizard that you would just think no thank you I'm going to have nothing to do with you.


8.Mary River turtle

Honestly this has not been altered in photoshop because this turtle does indeed have its very own Mohican going on. Those green tufts do actually exist and you have to admit that it must be the strangest looking turtle that you will ever set eyes on.

9.Megalopygidae caterpillar

You have to admit that if you saw this you would not think of a caterpillar. Instead, you would think that somebody had left a wig on a giant leaf just for a comedy photo, but nope this is indeed an insect and a strange one at that.


10.Angora rabbit

This looks like a soft toy, but in actual fact it is a real rabbit even though it just looks seriously strange. It looks like it has been dipped into candy floss and it has stuck on it like glue and then there is the question about how it manages to even see out of all of that fur.

11.Goliath frog

This is the biggest frog in the world and you can understand why it is the biggest when you look at the size of the thing. It also makes sense why it is called the goliath frog as well because this thing is massive and you just wonder why on earth something has to be that size?


12.Goblin shark

How freaky looking is this shark? It has to be one of the ugliest looking creatures on the planet, but thankfully it stays in the water and is therefore incapable of scaring too many people at the one time. It looks like a prop from the Aliens movie.


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