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Censored Cartoons You'll Never See On TV

Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021, 5:59 pm

As with any form of media, even cartoons have to go through censorship before being aired worldwide. Although cartoons are not real and fictional but they too get banned from being aired if the content being displayed is not appropriate. Here are 12 censored cartoons you'll never see on TV.
1.Cow & Chicken - No Smoking Episode

Cerberus helps the Red Guy, who is the devil, take Cow and Chicken to hell by tempting Chicken with cigarettes, even though Chicken is underage. That's enough to get him sent to hell, but Cow rescues Chicken from hell. This episode was too controversial and was pulled, banned from airing.

2.Dexter's Laborator - Monkey

When Krunk get drunk and threw up on the Monkey episode of Dexter's Laboratory, that was enough to get it banned in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. To add salt to the wound, the episode features a character that was offensive to gays for it's stereotypical portrayal. It did air once in the United States in 2002.

3.South Park - Bloody Mary Episode

In the episode entitled, Bloody Mary, the statue of the Virgin Mary begins to bleed out of its rectum. To make matters worse, Randy loses his driver's license after driving drunk and is sentenced to AA meetings. It is there that he finds out that alcoholism is a disease, and he believes that if the statue bled on him he would be cured. This episode was permanently banned and did not go to DVD after the Catholic League demanded the action as well as an apology


The entire Popetown cartoon was banned for being controversial. Father Nicholas is the appointed handler for the Pope, working to keep the not so smart Pope out of trouble. The cast of characters includes a sexually deviant priest and corrupt criminals that run Popetown. The Roman Catholics were up in arms after it's premiere in Britain in 2005, and so it was banned in the UK and United States, without even being allowed to go straight to DVD.

5.Pokemon - Computer Soldier Porygon Episode

A scene with a big explosion flashing red and blue lights that blinked at a rate of 12 Hz and went on for roughly six seconds, caused the episode of Pokemon to be pulled. Audiences began to complain of headaches, dizziness, nausea, and blurred vision while watching it, and some even had seizures, convulsions and lost consciousness.

6.Buffalo Gals - Cow And Chicken Episode

The Cow and Chicken episodes of Buffalo Gals was banned by the Cartoon Network when it was inferred that the Buffalo Gals were lesbians. Claiming that it typecast lesbians and had scandalous scenes, such as a scene on the softball field when the gals are talking about pitching and catching with a sexual innuendo.

7.Family Guy - Partial Terms Of Endearment Episode

Lois undergoes in vitro fertilization and becomes a surrogate for an infertile and old friend and husband. When the couple suddenly die in an auto accident, Louis chooses to go through with aborting the baby against Peter's wishes. The episode was banned in the United States due to the controversial subject matter.


8.The Powerpuff Girls - See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey Episode

The Powerpuff Girls aired a musical rock opera episode entitled, See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey, but it only aired once in the United Kingdom, as well as other countries. Claims that the episode compared communism to democracy when a gnome casts a spell to end all evil only when the girls give him their powers.

9.Tiny Toon Adventures - One Beer Episode

Tiny Toon Adventures is not known for being troublesome or offensive, but the episode entitled One Beer was pulled from the air. It showed Buster Bunny, Hampton J. Pig, and Plucky Duck steal a police car while being drunk, and they end up dying in an accident. After airing only one time, it was banned.


10.Betty Boop - Ha! Ha! Ha! Episode

Betty Boop is no stranger to having episodes banned for being too risque, but the episode entitled Ha! Ha! Ha! was pulled because its subject matter was considered to be about drug use. We witness Betty using laughing gas on Koko as she performs some dentistry. As the gas permeates the room a typewriter begins to laugh hysterically. The gas ends up going out the window and into the streets, making everyone and everything in its wake, goofy and giddy.

11.Pokemon - Beauty And The Beach Episode

The girls enter a beauty context and one of the female characters puts on a body suit with large inflatable breasts. She then tells a younger female character that one days she might have breasts like hers, as she shakes them with both hands. The episode was banned in America, and aired in Japan with that scene cut out.

12.Beavis And Butthead - Comedians Episode

On a 1993 episode of Beavis and Butthead the two idiotic teens burned down a comedy club. Subsequently, a five year old boy, set his bed on fire killing his baby sister. The boy allegedly got the idea from the show. MTV pulled the episode, censored it, and it only returned with all references to pyromania removed.


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