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Censored Cartoons You'll Never See On TV

Wednesday, Mar 24, 2021, 5:59 pm

As with any form of media, even cartoons have to go through censorship before being aired worldwide. Although cartoons are not real and fictional but they too get banned from being aired if the content being displayed is not appropriate. Here are 12 censored cartoons you'll never see on TV.

The entire Popetown cartoon was banned for being controversial. Father Nicholas is the appointed handler for the Pope, working to keep the not so smart Pope out of trouble. The cast of characters includes a sexually deviant priest and corrupt criminals that run Popetown. The Roman Catholics were up in arms after it's premiere in Britain in 2005, and so it was banned in the UK and United States, without even being allowed to go straight to DVD.

Popetown-Censored Cartoons You'll Never See On TV

5.Pokemon - Computer Soldier Porygon Episode

A scene with a big explosion flashing red and blue lights that blinked at a rate of 12 Hz and went on for roughly six seconds, caused the episode of Pokemon to be pulled. Audiences began to complain of headaches, dizziness, nausea, and blurred vision while watching it, and some even had seizures, convulsions and lost consciousness.

Pokemon - Computer Soldier Porygon Episode-Censored Cartoons You'll Never See On TV

6.Buffalo Gals - Cow And Chicken Episode

The Cow and Chicken episodes of Buffalo Gals was banned by the Cartoon Network when it was inferred that the Buffalo Gals were lesbians. Claiming that it typecast lesbians and had scandalous scenes, such as a scene on the softball field when the gals are talking about pitching and catching with a sexual innuendo.

Buffalo Gals - Cow And Chicken Episode-Censored Cartoons You'll Never See On TV

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