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Cool Bus Stops Around The World

Monday, Jul 4, 2022, 5:16 pm


OK this is more to do with the advert rather than the bus stop itself, but it turns a boring thing into an amusing place to be. As you can see it makes your clothes stick to it and clearly that is going to be a bit of an issue for some people, but hey it makes others laugh as well.

2.Viennese construction

How wacky and crazy is this bus stop in Vienna? It is also a piece of modern art, but have you ever seen anything as big and wild as this? At what point did it cross over from a bus stop to a sculpture?

3.The tube

This bus stop is strange in that you climb into this tube like thing and at one end there is a turnstile. What happens is that you pay your fare here and then simply climb on board when the bus comes making things a lot easier and quicker.

4.You hottie

Yep this bus stop is in actual fact dressed up to look like an oven and it will actually warm you up due to that light in the roof. This is the type of bus stop that would go down an absolute treat in a number of places and it is just a shame that it is not as widespread as it should be.


This bus stop is in the Middle East and it is actually fully air-conditioned. That in itself is impressive, but you can understand why they need it when you think of the temperatures that they get in that area. At least they have also made it look pretty cool on the outside as well as the inside.


How cool is this idea? Imagine deciding to put a swing into a bus stop and the fun you could be having while waiting on that bus to come. The only thing is you cannot swing too high or your legs will stick out and there could be problems, but surely you would have a go at this?


This bus stop is clearly there to help educate you because of the mini-library that is available. You have to say that at least the people are honest enough not to just steal the books, as would happen in some places, and it gives you something to do when waiting.


8.Regal and comfortable

This looks like it would be a bus stop that you would be glad to hang around in for a change. It just seems to be far too comfortable for a bus stop, but at the same time it does look pretty impressive and you would undoubtedly be hoping that you have to stand here to get your bus.

9.Bus stop..literally

Well this is taking the concept of the bus stop a bit too literally. You have to admire the person that thought this up because it is certainly a very clever idea even though adults will then feel as if they are off to school again.



Well how different is this for a bus stop? It is difficult to even know where to begin with describing it because at what point do you think up this idea in the first place? However, you have to say that it is certainly creative even though you may feel strange emerging from it.

11.Burger on a bus

OK it is just a marketing ploy by McDonald's, but you have to admit that it was certainly a clever idea to just plaster themselves over the entire bus stop in this way. It does look as if you are walking into a mini store and it would not be a surprise if some drunk people had tried to order at some point.


If you are interested in soccer, then surely this is going to be the perfect bus stop for you? It is a seriously cool example and you wonder how many kids ended up kicking a ball into it as they went past resulting in the people inside having to duck.


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