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Coolest Hybrid Animals

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022, 6:10 pm


How would you like a little Cheetoh? These hybrid cats are made by mating a Bengal Cat and an Ocicat, resulting in a striped and spotted house cat that looks different from your other cats, and probably acts different too. However, all cats are the same in that they purr, rub against you and love chasing string ... or mice.

2.St. Basset Hound

Can you believe a St. Bernard can mate with a little Basset Hound to produce this cute little pooch, a St. Basset Hound? With the face of a St. Bernard and the body of a Basset Hound, he really has two great features all wrapped into one. He is one of those little guys who thinks they're big!


When a female Bottlenose Dolphin mixes it up with a male False Killer Whale, you get a Wolphin. They're as cute as a dolphin but with a darker skin. You would mistake them for a dolphin if you didn't know that the Wolfphin existed. And don't worry, they're not killers.

4.Iron Age Pig

A pig is a pig is a pig, right? Well, in this case you're right, but there are many types of pigs, and you can mix and match breeds to produce hybrids like this Iron Age Pig; a Domestic Tamworth Pig combined with a Wild Boar. Not as cute as Porky Pig, but just as fat.

5.Blood Parrot

If you're a fish lover, you probably know all the different types of fish, but to most anyone else, most fish look alike. However, there are different types of fish, that when mated, produce extraordinary looking offspring, like this Blood Parrot. No, it's not a bird, it a mix of Midas Cichild and Red Devil Fish.


What do you get when you cross a sheep with a goat? No, it's not a riddle. You really can mate these two to produce a Shoat. What do they look like? Well, you get the full wooly body of a sheep with the horned head of a goat. A funny looking creature with a bright personality.


This little fellow gets his black and white stripes from a Zebra and his short stature from the Donkey. Stubborn, but beautiful, this creature is a sight to behold. Furrier than a Zebra, with bigger ears, he has the gorgeous coat of a Zebra, making him the best looking Donkey out there.



Most people shudder when they think of eating a Buffalo burger, but the Cow and Buffalo are closely related. That's why a beefalo doesn't look all that strange. The mixture of Buffalo and Cow produces a Cow/Bull like animal that is a little stockier and maybe full of bull.


A Zorse is a beautiful hybrid whose mom and dad are a Horse and a Zebra. Some of the different ways that their coats manifest can be breathtaking, as in this picture, where a white horse, mixed with stripe in such an odd way, make this creature really stand out.


10.Grolar Bear

A Grizzly Bear and a Polar Bear are closely related, and to the human eye, the only difference seems to be their coat. When you combine the two into one creature, you get the Grolar Bear, and he looks mostly like a Polar Bear, but with a dirty looking coat.


A Leopard and a Lion, are both from the cat family, and when mated create a beautiful spotted looking feline. This type of hybrid produces the some of the prettiest creatures, because the two animals are so closely linked in nature, they almost look alike with the exception of their coat.



When a Tiger meets a Lioness that he likes, you get one of these, a Liger. This feline is striped like a tiger, but looks like a lion, mane and all. Now don't do this at home boys and girls, but mixing these two similar animals produces such a beautiful cat, they are definitely the Kings of the jungle.


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