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15 People Confess The Weirdest Thing They Have Masturbated To

Sunday, Jul 10, 2022, 11:49 am

Masturbation is a private act. Over 90% of the population does it. However, most people don't admit or talk about it openly. Masturbation is nothing but erotic thinking followed by stimulation of sexual organs to reach an orgasm. One can't really masturbate without thinking about someone or something. People masturbate to their crushes, friends, celebrities, colleagues or just about anyone! What if people actually tell those weird fantasies they have masturbated to? Sounds hilarious, right? Well, It is both amusing and creepy. Read fifteen stories of people confessing the weirdest and craziest thing they have masturbated to.
4.The Hilarious Masturbation Experiment

When I was a 13 year old boy my friends mother made a weird comment about soldiers loving baked beans. I was baffled and she explained that they'd warm up a can open the end and then fuck the beans in the can, because the texture was unbelievable.
I feigned a polite and scholarly interest, and when I got home I liberated a can of bakedbeans and warmed them up, opened the can and attempted to fuck it.
Now. Picture an open can of beans - The opening is at the top. Meanwhile the Human erect penis points up. Confusion and frustration. I was determined to sample this legendary sexual pleasure.
- this-guy-

The Hilarious Masturbation Experiment -15 People Confess The Weirdest Thing They Have Masturbated To

5.Masturbating to Roommate’s Moans!

The sound of my roommate and his gf (also was a roommate) banging. She would moan so loud the entire apartment building could hear. They'd go at it for a half hour... I'd just walk out into the living room, with all the lights off, wearing nothing and shoot my load and go back to bed.

Masturbating to Roommate’s Moans!-15 People Confess The Weirdest Thing They Have Masturbated To

6.Yet Another Horrible Confession

My mother's underwear. I did not do it because they were hers, but because they were women's underwear. WTH was I thinking.

Yet Another Horrible Confession-15 People Confess The Weirdest Thing They Have Masturbated To

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