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Weirdest Clothing Materials

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 5:03 pm

1.Electroluminescent Paper

Vera Wang is always on the cutting edge of fashion, and this time she is lighting up the runway with electroluminescent clothing. Using fabric that is lined with elecroluminiscent paper, the silk clothing was print with constellations and space related images that lit up when the paper behind it shined through.

2.Wood Pulp

How would you like to wear leather that is not pleather? Well Naoran can make that possible. The textile that is made from wood pulp is water resistant, flexible and soft. When combined with recycled polyester, the result is a tear resistant, durable fabric that acts and looks like leather.

3.Recycled Newspaper Yarn

Artist Ivano Vitali has found a way to make clothing without harmful chemicals, glues, or dyes. Twisting newspaper into yarn that is the crocheted into wearable pieces of clothing. Using eight foot long knitting needles and hooks, the artist has created jackets, dresses and bikinis.

4.Recycled Plastic Bottles

Recycled plastic bottles are mechanically processed to create a new polyester yarn called New Life. Made 100% from post consumer used plastic bottles, the fabric is made is Italy for all types of clothing, including designer fashion, such as Armani, as seen at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards on Livia Firth.


Natureworks has creted a fiber called Ingeo, made from fermented corn starch that is spun into materials for clothing and home textiles. These natural recycled fibers are totally green and create clothing through a process that leaves no waste or uses harmful chemicals such as petroleum based synthetic fibers require.

6.Spider Silk

Speaking of spider silk, did you know that it is three times stronger than steel? Even though it is thinner than a strand of human hair, it is durable and tough enough to be woven into fabrics. The resulting silk is as elegant as traditional silk but a lot more long lasting.

7.Hagfish Slime

Who knew that something so disgusting could be fashioned into a fabric? A hagfish produces a slimy goo that contain proteins that are similar to spider silk, and can therefore be woven into bio-materials. The high performance fabric is great for sportswear, and any other type of activity that calls for tough ad durable fabric.


8.Fermented Wine

Have you ever spilled wine on your clothes? Well, if you are wearing these special fabrics it won't matter, because the clothing is made out of wine. The University of Western Australia has produced a group of scientists that have found that Acetobacter, a microbe bacteria, ferments cheap red wine, creating fibers that can be used in making fabric. The downside? There is an odor.

9.Recycled Cassette Tapes

Don't know what to do with all your cassette tapes from the 90's? If you still have them, you might be glad to now that the strands of tape can be reused and spun into fabric. Artist Alyce Santoro creates Sonic Fabric out of her family run textile mill located in England.


10.Coconut Husks

Coconut husks are usually thrown away after the meat and milk is taken from inside. Unless they are used as a decorative ashtray, they really have served no use. Well now a company called Nau is using it to make fabric. The lightweight result is breathable, making it great for sportswear.

11.Used Coffee Pods

This is an odd way to make use of empty coffee pods. Designer Rachel Rodwell collects used coffee pods from friends and family, crushes them using a meat tenderizer and then reconfigures them into clothing. The brilliant colors fit in with India's culture and is a great way to create clothing with no waste, while recycling these pods.


12.Spoiled Milk

Qmilch may be the first company to allow us to make clothing from spoiled milk. Using the protein found in sour milk, that would typically be thrown out, they are able to make fabric. The no waste fabric makes the green initiative happy and less water is used in the production versus other fabrics made from milk.


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